"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." ~e e cummings

Friday, January 19, 2018

A Big Week

It's been a big week in our house. 

Our kids are typically not what you'd call "Doers." They're hang-back-and-watchers. Wait-and-seers. Stay-at-homers. Tried-and-true-over-newers. They have their ruts and their comfy spaces and they are just fine, thankyouverymuch, to stay there.

Imagine our surprise, then, when Evan came home last week ELATED to fill out and return the Safety Patroller application...an application to join an extra activity that no one was forcing him to participate in!! A select group of 5th graders (randomly chosen from a lottery, it turns out), charged with maintaining order and enforcing the hallway rules during the morning rush and afternoon dismissals, Safety Patrollers have been the pie in Evan's elementary school sky since he was in kindergarten. 

He sat down to complete the application and, realizing that he says what's on his mind better than he can write it down, dictated an eloquent and convincing paragraph to me, expressing his deeply held desire to hold this position. It was an impressive essay. It began: "Ever since I was in kindergarten and I saw those kids with the yellow belts and silver badges, I've wanted to be a Safety Patroller. I just never knew how to sign up to be one until now." And ended, "The best thing in the world is when people know the right thing to do and they do it." He was born to be a Safety Patroller.

He turned in his application the very next day, a week before deadline.

Today, as soon as he saw he saw me at the pick-up tables, he handed me an envelope, a grin so wide it threatened to split him in two: "I made it," he beamed. 

Day...Week...Life...made. After a training session with a REAL AAA safety officer (?) and an orientation with the rest of the team, he'll take his post in about 10 days. Rest easy, school community, you're in excellent hands. 


For weeks, Max has been telling us that he wants to take violin lessons. This didn't shock us. He has also been saying that he can't wait for the day that he needs to wear braces and glasses. Honestly? I figured he wanted the violin to complete the look. An accessory more than an instrument. 

The other morning, he sulked his way into the kitchen. Flopping his body down across my lap as I sat on the stool, he looked up at me with pleading eyes: "Just why won't you let me take violin lessons? I've been asking for WEEKS and I REALLY want to learn how to play."

Needless to say, I finally looked into it. We found a place that offers private lessons for a great price and that had a Max-sized violin available to rent....buuuuuuuut winter session started a week ago. "No problem!" the friendly recipient of my email inquiry responded. "We have one private lesson slot available...beginning tomorrow!"

We took it. Less time for Max's nervous anticipatory energy to drive me nuts, so...just as well we didn't have much lead time. Max's teacher is wonderful. She began by asking Max what kind of music he was interested in learning to play (she's a bluegrass fiddler, herself). He didn't really know...his one main goal is to learn the Star Wars theme song. She played him a few bars of classical, then a few bars of bluegrass. At the latter, he lit UP. "I wanna learn how to play THAT."

He's a fiddler now.


We live just a short drive from a ski resort. We don't take advantage of it...Sam took the boys to a ski lesson last winter but they didn't really love it. I've never once in my life been on skis. I don't really plan to either. Too cold. And wet. And athletic. Um....no. I'll just stay in here under my favorite blanket, sipping my tea from one of my three approved mugs. (Hmmm...wonder where my kids get their rut-loving ways?)


There's a ski club offered at our school and, though the boys have never expressed any interest in joining (see reasons listed above), Molly was thrilled to have the opportunity to FINALLY, now that she's in Kindergarten, sign up to ski.

Tonight was her first lesson and I. Can't. Even.

She came home saying that I "just HAVE to" take ski lessons myself and, well, if anyone is able to convince me to step outside of my comfort zone and into the cold...it just might be her.

Lesson Learned:
It was a big week of firsts and successes for these kids. Good thing, too. Wasn't it just last week that Sam and I looked at each other at the end of a remarkably terrible day and lamented to one another (as you can really only do to your children's other parent)..."What. The HELL. is wrong with these children?!"

They have their moments, to be sure, but these kids? They're just right.