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Sunday, June 29, 2014

make your own Flower Petal Stained Glass

Today, Evan found it shower-interrupting-worthy to tell me that Max was ripping petunia blossoms off their stems. I assured him that, not only was it okay, but that he was actually doing exactly what I asked him to do. Too stubborn to concede that he was not ratting out his bro, he added, "Well, if he can pick flowers right out of the garden, then SO CAN I." I just kept shampooing and pretended not to hear.

I have been watching Jean and her girls make gorgeous flower petal stained glass for-EVER over at The Artful Parent.

Today, finally, was the day we made our own.

What you need: flower petals and contact paper

Pick your flowers, then just start sticking...

I loved watching their methods. Some of their designs were random...some were patterned...

...some were minimalist...

But all of them were beautiful.

After his third, Max said, "Mommy. I should stop. My mind is saying, 'Stop, Max!' but my heart is saying, 'Just one more, Max!'" 
"Well, are you going to listen to your mind or your heart?" I asked.
"Mommy. I gotta listen to my heart."

And...ummm...I could have done this all day.

When your designs are complete, stick 'em right up on your sunniest window. 
They're gorgeous.

Lesson Learned:
Do this. Today. 
Hopefully your kids will let you finish your shower first.

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