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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Easter Eve Redemption

Today was one of those days that I wanted to call a Do Over before it was even lunchtime.

It was weird because it was the first day in forever (damn it, now I'm humming Frozen) that we slept in until 6:30. Still, the good mood gods were against us from the start. There was whining and bickering and crying and so....I left.

I've been writing. I'm going to have some articles published in a couple of different places over the next few weeks, which is awesome....but Max hasn't been napping and I've been obsessed with True Detective and House of Cards at night, so I haven't been writing as productively as is necessary right now. I went to the local coffee shop to pretend I was in college again and To Write.

I finished and sent off one article before the old man across the room started whistling. I'm not making this up. He started whistling so loudly, and so shrilly, and so terribly that I literally decided that I'd rather head back to whatever grumpiness awaited me at home than stay and endure any more.

And grumpiness at home there was.

There were more tears, more time outs, more sibling squabbles, and more whines (so now some wine).

It was a day that seemed destined for complete failure.

Sam suggested an outing. Parks and playgrounds were out....it's been miserably drizzling all day. Too late in the afternoon to go anywhere too far....we settled on the library.

We went in search of a book our neighbor recommended: Battle Bunny by Jon Scieszka, Mac Barnett, and Matthew Myers. We found it. It was worth the trip. Add it to your Amazon cart today. It deserves a spot on your permanent bookshelf. Along with Battle Bunny, we found some Fancy Nancy and Dr. Seuss, so everyone was content. Moods were improving.

Then, we came home for an art project.


The great part about celebrating a non-secular Easter, besides the fact that we don't have to outfit the kids in any uncomfortable clothes just to sit quietly for an hour and a half, is that you can make it fit your schedule. We'll be traveling on the real Easter and the week before is Evan's birthday, so we're celebrating Easter tomorrow. Easter in our house means a celebration of spring (color! new life! WARMTH!)...and sweets. The Easter Bunny will stage an Easter Egg hunt and he'll bring some sweet treats, new spring jammies, and a special something for each kid. Easter in our house, ever since Evan was diagnosed with an egg allergy just before his first Easter, also means painted eggs.

Sure, they're no Ukrainian pysanky...

photo credit: wikipedia

But every year, each of us paints a wooden egg. We display them around our house when we pull out our Easter decorations and the kids Love them. So do I. (Rechenka's Eggs by Patricia Polacco is another favorite book in our house, especially at this time of year.) I love seeing our collection grow......

Eggs from years past...
2014 additions
It worked. Art always does. We all felt better and the afternoon and evening were salvaged from the doldrums of grumpy kids. Tomorrow, we feast on jellybeans and Peeps!

Lesson Learned:
Tough day? Go outside. If you can't, don't be afraid to get your hands dirty and call a Do Over.

Happy Fake Easter!

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