"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." ~e e cummings

Thursday, November 28, 2013


This year, I'm thankful for Science.

I'm thankful for doctors who know how to prevent my baby's lungs from getting all wheezy and scary sounding.

Thank you, QVar, for keeping his lungs open and Albuterol, for being there when we need you to quiet an almost-wheezy cough before it gets bad.

Thank you, humidifiers, for keeping my kids' noses clear and their skin from scaling.

And I'm thankful for medicine that helps my babies feel better (and sleep!) when preventative measures just can't keep every ear infection or bout of strep throat away.

I'm thankful for technology...

...for the ability to connect through phone chats and texts with my Circle of Moms who are spread out all over this coast.

And for social media, which has introduced me to a whole new network of moms who are experiencing some of the same challenges and rewards of parenthood as I am.

Thank you Skype, for letting me tour my brother and sister-in-law's new house, even though they live across the country...and FaceTime, for letting my Dad call to see the kids whenever he wants to, now that he has his fancy new phone.

I'm thankful for On Demand and Netflix streaming, which practically guarantee a Movie Night (or Afternoon or Morning) whenever we could really use one. (I say "practically guarantee" because you will notice that I am not thankful for my "never-fail" internet/cable service provider. Because that does not exist.)

Thank you, PBS kids, for providing educational television programming that my kids actually want to watch. In particular, thank you Wild Kratts for giving me enough Animal Fact knowledge to keep up with my 6-year old Animal Expert.

I am thankful for my cellphone camera because, thanks to it, I actually have *more* photos of my third baby than my first.

And I am thankful for Instagram because, thanks to it, my beautiful babies now look artsy.

Thank you to the brilliant inventor of the White Noise Machine, which signals sleep time for my three sleep-fighters. And I'm particularly thankful for the sleep-deprived genius who dreamed up the alarm clock that changes from a soft yellow nightlight glow to a green "It's Okay to Get Out of Bed and Wake Up Daddy" signal at 6am. (And I'm thankful for the fact that the boys know to wake up Sam first.)


In addition, I'm thankful for pepperoni because there's 14 grams of fat per serving and Evan will actually eat it...and for ketchup because, now that she's discovered the art of Dipping, Molly will eat just about anything.

Lesson Learned:
It doesn't matter what it's for....just be thankful. Every day.

Friday, November 15, 2013

sweet, sweet acceptance

I've said it before, and I'll say it again....I love Max's preschool. I love his teacher, I love the curriculum, I love the philosophy...and today more than ever...I LOVE his, as he calls them, "schoolmates."

Max's teacher relayed to me the following exchange that she overheard between Max and one of his friends, L, a sweet girl, who appreciates a good romp through the dress-up bin as much as he does.


L is dressing up as a police officer as Max is putting on his daily accoutrements...fairy wings, pink sparkly tutu, fairy flower-crown, magic wand, etc.

L: Max, you like to dress up in girl clothes.
Max: Uh-huh, I do.
L: You're a boy.
Max: Yup.
L: You're a boy who likes to wear girl clothes.
Max: Yeah, I am.
L: Max, you're a special boy.
Max: Yeah, I am. I'm a special boy.


I want to bottle up this sweetness and light and love and keep it at the ready, just in case my Special Boy needs a little extra someday....

...but maybe....he won't.

Lesson Learned:
These times? Maybe they are a-changin'.