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Thursday, June 23, 2011

who have I become?

I changed, fundamentally, when I became a mother. Of course I did. Nothing can alter your priorities and change the way you live in and interact with the world like having a piece of you walking around in it. I became, at once, more sensitive, more compassionate, more patient (and have had that patience tested ever since), more protective, and more anxious. I've also become more eco-conscious and more liberal as I think about what I want the world that my kids grow up in to look like. 

But nothing could have prepared me for this....because despite it's popularity where I now live, I never thought it would be a part of my life. 

But, as a mother, you change because of your child and you change FOR your child. And despite my better judgement, I am embracing it because it is a love of his. I had no choice but to suggest it as a morning activity. Because I knew it would make him happy. And that, in turn, would make me happy.

Today, in my very own living room....we played a game I NEVER thought I'd play....we played....[gulp]....NASCAR.

After carefully setting up the Announcer's Booth, and lining up the race cars at the starting line...
...and putting Max in charge of the "pectators"....

The race began.

Complete with Announcer's Commentary, like, "And Lightning McQueen is pulling ahead in Turn One," and "I don't believe it, folks! Jeff Gorvette is spinning out in the infield!"

...and even a pit stop with a real pit crew...

....until, shockingly, Jeff Gorvette pulled ahead in a surprise photo-finish victory.

What's next? A buck head over the fireplace? I'm KIDDING! I know not all Nascar fans are hunters. But seriously, there will never EVER be a dead animal's head in my house. We're into "Nascar" only because of the Cars movie, and it's highly anticipated sequel. There will be no hunters in this house. And just to make sure, we'll watch Bambi ad nauseam.

 Lesson Learned:
Never say never. Well, unless you're talking about killing Bambi. Eewwww.

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