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Sunday, April 17, 2011


January and February tend to be my least favorite months of the year. I'm not alone in this. The newness of winter has worn off and now it's just cold and gray. The holidays are over, and with them the wonder and magic as they are experienced by little ones, and the anticipation of family togetherness. This year was no exception, and piled on top of the usual post-holiday/still-weeks-to-go-of-dreary-cold doldrums, were some emotionally draining issues for me personally...weaning Max (and dealing with post-weaning hair loss), and figuring out what in the world was going on with Evan and what should I be doing about it, especially.

But we made it through. Max weaned beautifully, and I've decided to just ignore my hair issues...it's hormonal and there's nothing I can do about it. If I want to keep having and nursing babies, which I do, then I'll have to accept the hormonal havoc that they wreak on my body. Maybe when I'm in my 40s, I'll take my body back and try to undo the damage they have done. And I've finally found peace with my concerns about Evan. I'm reading a great book right now that is helping with that...more on that later.

And, perhaps mostly:

Spring is finally, fully, and beautifully here. The trees are bright and shiny with brand-new, spring-green leaves...

My garden is coming back to life with tiny bursts of color...

And welcome guests.....

We're spending time outside, learning to use new toys...

 ...and rediscovering some old toys reclaimed from their Put-Away for Winter status.

Life is, once again, Good.

And after breathing in the goodness to be found in the Right Now, I realized that it was the coming together of many of my favorite things that have helped to revive my mood and restore my spirit. (Yup. Another list. Turns out I'm really not a resolutions person. I'm okay with that.)

My Recipe for Restoration
--Going OUT for coffee and bagels on a Sunday morning with a Mommy Friend, who knew me first as Teacher Friend, but knows me best as a We're Practically The Same Person Friend (but I'm more neurotic and she's way better at maintaining that elusive Go With The Flow attitude).
--Catching up on the phone with an olllllllld friend, like middle school old, and finding out that, though time and distance may have come in the way of that friendship....we really can pick up where we left off.....but it's even better than before because now we share stories about our babies instead of boys and gym class.
--Vacuuming with the windows wide open and my iPod blasting at an unsafe decibel while my three guys play outside. [...and then having that vacuuming interrupted by the 4-year old who must tell me Right Now that he discovered a real, live bird's nest under the deck with a real, live Mommy Bird sitting on her eggs...not in his imagination!]
--Our now almost-daily impromptu afternoon playdates with the neighbors...

--Heading back outside after dinner, with drippy popsicles in hand, to bask in the last remaining slivers of sunlight.
--Reading books that don't have pictures in them. Or text that rhymes. Or that are about trucks or dinosaurs.
--Picnics. In the park, at the zoo, on a bench at a playground....lunch always tastes better when it's eaten outside.
--Purging! There is something about the way the sunlight enters my house in the springtime that makes me look around and think, "My god this place is a mess." It never actually is, though, because I've got that Type-A personality that has me wiping up the kitchen floor with a wet paper towel five times a day (I'm under-estimating in an effort to save face.). But there is something to be said for a twice-a-year purge of closets and drawers (and playrooms, after bedtime). Usually, I walk around the house with boxes and trash bags, looking for no-longer-needed or -used items. Boxes go to Goodwill and bags go to the dump. This year, though, we're going to need a trailer. I have a serious itch to do some major damage to the unnecessary clutter that has accumulated in the attic. It's going to feel great. 
--Max and Mommy Breakfast Dates. During one of the two mornings that Evan is at school, Max and I go out for breakfast. Sometimes it's just a muffin from the Starbucks drive-thru shared on a sunny bench, but it's such a fun little tradition that we've started and I love our one-on-one time.
--Starbucks drive-thru.

Lesson Learned:
It's important to know what restores you so that you can restore. I need to remember to do these things more often.

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