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Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's a Dinosaur Train Birthday!

We have been talking about Evan's 4th Birthday Party for MONTHS now. He wanted to have a "friends" party and invite kids from class, which I was thrilled to hear....but he also wanted to invite his Dinosaur Friends...Annie, Mookie, and Michelle, who have been living with us for awhile now. Annie, Mookie, and Michelle are all (secondary) characters on the PBS Kids show, "Dinosaur Train," so the theme for the party was obvious.

We started decorating for the party the Monday before his Saturday morning party. I had a feeling the signs, balloons, and rearranged furniture may take some getting used to, and I didn't want to spring it all on him on the Big Day.

I'm not sure if this was a good idea or not....it helped because we were able to decide, together?, that the Reading Tent should not, as it turned out, be moved even a little bit.  But it may have added to some of his nervous anticipation...he lay awake in bed from midnight until 4am the night before his party. We know this because he came into our room approximately eight times within that time frame to let us know that he was, in fact, still awake.

This made for a pretty tired little Party Guy, but he hung in there until right after the cupcakes. Then he asked to go take a nap...while his guests were still here....

But the party was fun! Really it was! I set up the party just like our Holiday Celebration Days in Kindergarten. There were "stations" set up all around the party area with different activities. The kids and their parents went wherever they wanted, whenever they wanted. A Choose Your Own Adventure party...it was just right for Evan...because, as he said, "You can do whatever you want! If you don't want to Pin the Horn on the Triceratops--because I Do Not want to do THAT--you don't have to! No big deal!"

I was beside myself with happiness when, while scrolling through the pictures my sister had taken on my camera, I saw this:

This was the crowd favorite, I think:
These were the "nests"
Baby Dinosaurs were hidden in plastic eggs all over the room. When found, the baby dinos were delivered to the right mama.
Aunt Lizzie was the official Egg Hider. It was a big job. She could hardly keep up with the super-sleuth egg-finders. But she tried!

I'm not sure that anyone, at any point, went into Tiny's Tiny Space Reading Tent.
Oh, well.

There is something so adorable and funny about such a sweet, dainty little flower of a girl playing with a huge, fierce Dilophosaurus. (Trust me on that one. We did our homework.)

And of course, there were trains.

And chips.
Max had Mom Mom wrapped around his little finger. He never let her take him more than an arm's reach from the snack table, and he knew that Mom Mom just couldn't tell him No.

And cake.
I said that my goal in decorating the Dinosaur Train cake was just to avoid making an appearance on Cake Wrecks. Jury's still out.
Evan said, "Good job, Mommy! It's green and yellow and red, just like the Dinosaur Train!"
But his expression here seems to suggest mild disappointment.
1-2-3 ...

Practicing Sly Winks over Cupcakes.

And then it was naptime.

But the party continued first thing the next morning, when there were brand new, wonderful presents to be played with....and balloons.

Lesson Learned:
I'll admit it, I was stressed about this party. I'm always stressed to entertain. But Evan wanted a Dinosaur Train Party, so a party we had. The stress was good though....it kept my attention on non-sentimental things such as "Will 10 kids be able to eat more than 24 dinosaur-shaped sandwiches? Better make a few more."

Now that the party is over, I have four days to prepare myself for the inevitable: On Thursday, April 14, at 11:32 in the morning, Evan will officially be FOUR YEARS OLD. 


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  1. I absolutely love this! Your activity- ideas are great, hopefully they work with 6 year old children as well.