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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Are we going to spend the next four years perpetuating the stereotype of the Whiny, Entitled Liberal, complaining on Facebook about the state of the world, or are we going to put on our Big Girl Pants(uits) and get shit done?

That's what I thought.

If you're planning to march or protest or demonstrate, good for you (as long as you are peaceful and nonviolent and nondestructive...throwing bricks never helped anyone). If you're planning to put in your volunteer hours to accompany women to their appointments at Planned Parenthood or people of color in their daily commutes, fantastic. And thank you.

But if you're the primary caregiver of small children or the primary provider for your family, you may not feel as though you are willing or able to commit to these Large Efforts.

So write some checks (don't use PayPal--Thiel = ugh). It's not throwing money at a problem...it's handing money to people who are in a position to Do The Most Good, while you concentrate on the critical issue of Raising the Next Generation of Kind and Conscientious Voters and Citizens.

Maybe you'll donate to one of these organizations each month over the next four years. Maybe you'll donate each and every time a new piece of discriminatory or dangerous legislation is passed. Maybe you'll donate each time you witness or experience an act of Trump-legitimized hate.

Bookmark these links** and wear them out...over the next four years and beyond.

For the Environment
Donate in honor of Myron Ebell, who was chosen to lead Trump's EPA transition team and is a noted Climate Change Denier.

For Minorities and Immigrants
Donate in honor of David Clark, who equated BLM to ISIS or in honor of Jeff Sessions, who has been called Amnesty's Worst Enemy. Both men have been named as potential Cabinet picks of the Trump Administration.
Donate in honor of Mike Pence who, as the Governor of Indiana, signed into law a bill that made it legal for businesses to refuse service to LGBTQ customers. He also argued for public funding for conversion therapy for gay youth. Now he is our Vice President-Elect.
Donate in honor of Mr. Trump himself.

For Common Sense Gun Legislation
Donate in honor of Big Gun Lover (and Big Game murderer) Donald Trump Jr. or Wayne LaPierre, head of the NRA.
Lesson Learned:
If I must accept him as our President, I will; but I will not accept the hateful words and actions on which he built his campaign. I will do what I can to help protect the people whom he has marginalized and vowed to strip of their rights. 

**This is not a complete list. I have tried to cross-reference these organizations on CharityWatch.org, Give.org, and Charity Navigator, but not all are listed. 

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  1. Hang in there.

    At the very least, this should be a wake-up call to our politicians. They love the sound of their own voices so much, they have forgotten to shut up and listen. Maybe they might try some of that over the next four years and provide us with some of the things we need next time around.