"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." ~e e cummings

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

OMG!!! Max is 7!

OMG, it's finally here! Birthday Day! 

Max's addition to our calendar, in blue.
And OMG. This day could not have come soon enough. 

This kid...

This happy, energetic, bouncy, full-of life kiddo has been Driving. Me. Crazy.

Anticipation is hard for him. Especially Birthday Anticipation. We mark calendars, we count down the days, we make party plans, we decorate, we bake...and every bit of Birthday Prep builds the excitement and energy that becomes all too much to keep inside his already bursting with sparkles body.

This last week has been particularly trying. He's bouncing off the walls, climbing the furniture, spinning circles through the house...and the talking Never. Ends. He can't wait to celebrate with his classmates and friends. He can't wait to be able to choose where we eat for his birthday dinner (with no input from big brother thankyouverymuch). He can't wait to see what special presents Sam and I picked out for him ("please say there's Pokemon cards...puh-leeeeeaaase!").

And, as much as he's driving me nuts, I can't help but to be caught up in his excitement because I can't wait to celebrate him--My Max. Seven years old.

My creative and imaginative Maker.


My sweet and playful Pretender.

My goofy, hilarious Gigglebot.

With sass and style...

...and uncontainable swagger.

I love that he knows who he is. I love that he knows what he wants. I love that he comes home from school and has stories upon stories to tell me...a few about what his class is learning or activities he completed, but every detail about his many and varied social interactions of the day: who said what and who sat next to whom...who played with him or who he sat with while he ate his snack... We're tip-toeing into the dreaded waters of "crushes." I reminded him that first graders don't have boyfriends and girlfriends. "Don't worry," he told me. "I can have crushes on ALL of my friends at once." He's a lover, that one.

He's an extrovert who thrives on his friendships and time spent with his pals and his brother and sister.

I steal him away every once in awhile, though...I love my one-on-one time with Max.

I love how he reclines on the couch, ankle crossed over bent knee, listening to music through headphones, bobbing his head to the beat and silently mouthing the words as T. Swift or Jess Glynn belt out his favorite pop songs.

I love how he bounds out the back door, headed out to a friend's yard, with a "Love ya, Mama!"

I love how he curls up his long legs and arms to still fit onto my lap.

I love how he gets so emotionally invested in reality shows like The Voice and The Great British Baking Show that he cries real tears during results episodes.

I love how he loves (with cheerful enthusiasm) school.

I love how he loves (with patience and understanding) his brother and sister.

I love how he turns every hug into a dip...we embrace and then he leans back until I'm forced to play Fred Astaire to his Ginger Rogers.

I love how he moves through this world: why walk when you can bounce, dance, or twirl instead?

I love how he hams it up for the camera, shining in the spotlight, happy to be the center of attention.

Those freckles.
Those eyes.
That hair.

That smile.
That giggle.
That heart.

I love it all.
My favorite 7-year old in the whole wide world.
My favorite Max.

Happy Birthday, my love.

Lesson Learned:

I can't wait to celebrate you...our 7-year old. Our sweet, gorgeous, big-hearted love. You're one in a million, MaxMan. And I'm so proud that you're mine.

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  1. Gorgeous.

    Happy birthday, Max, from the Frog family in England. You do you.

    EtF and family.