"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." ~e e cummings

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Ask and You Shall Receive

Two years ago, I spent the month of October painstakingly hand-stitching individual feathers onto Molly's Baby Owl costume. It was a labor of love: the end result was one of my favorite Halloween costumes of all time.

Last year, Molly wore the Baby Tiger costume I had made for Max several years before. Using a store-bought orange sweat suit, I drew tiger stripes and sewed on a tail and ears. It's tied with the Snow Leopard costume I made the same year for Evan as my second favorite costume of all time.

This year, Molly said she wanted to be Spider-Man.

I'm not sure where this interest came from...none of the kids have ever really been into super heroes. We had just attended a Super Hero themed birthday party, though, so I figured that's where the idea seed was planted. At the party, Molly picked out a pink and purple cape with a spider emblem and a pink and purple mask with a spiderweb design as her party favors. (It was an amazing party.)

When Molly said she wanted to be Spider-Man for Halloween, I said, "Great! So you'll wear your cape and mask from the party. Do you want me to paint a spider or a web onto a t-shirt for you to wear under the cape?"

She looked at me with a furrowed brow.

"I said I want to be Spider-Man."

"Right! You can wear the cape and I'll make your Spidey suit!"

"Mommy. My cape is Spider-Girl. Not Spider-Man. Spider-Man doesn't wear a cape."

Hmm. Okay. Noted.

"Besides, Mommy. The real Spider-Man has muscles."

Ah. I see.

We looked online and found a couple of great ones...for $30. I did find an adorable set of Spidey jammies for $12, which she would definitely get more wear out of than a $30 costume, but...no muscles.

As a Do-It-Yourself-er, I don't usually ask for help. If there's a job to be done or something to be found or planned or made, I typically just do it. (It's the control freak in me.) For some reason, though, on this afternoon of Halloween costume planning, something urged me to Just Ask.

So I did. I posted an ISO on my Facebook page: "Does anyone have a 5T(ish) Spider-Man costume lying around? We'd love to borrow or buy."

Almost instantly, I received several notifications of "We may! I'll check!" but I didn't have high hopes. I added a $30 Spider-Man costume (with muscles!) to my amazon smile cart and figured I'd give it a few days before finalizing the purchase.

The next day, less than 24 hours after asking for it, a mint-condition, freshly-laundered, Spider-Man costume (with muscles!) showed up on my front porch...courtesy of some of the sweetest boys from one of the nicest families we know. They wouldn't accept our offer to purchase it from them: the boys, my friend said, were happy to give it a new home (and she was happy to get it out of hers!).

As for Molly, well, she put it right on and didn't take it off for the next two and a half days.

Lesson Learned:
It turns out we would have gotten our money's worth if we had purchased a $30 Spider-Man costume. It also turns out that it doesn't hurt to ask.