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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Ballet Slipper Pink: A Bedroom Makeover

We moved into this house, our new house, our forever Home, when Max was two-and-a-half. While as artistic, musical, and talkative as he continues to be today, he had not yet discovered his penchant for all things pink and glittery. In fact, he hadn't really expressed a unique interest in anything over everything else. So, when it came time to choose a theme for his bedroom (because I work well within the confines of a theme) it was up to me to do the choosing. I chose Outer Space. 

I found cute planetary decals at Target and, with the help of silver Sharpie orbits and black Sharpie planet labels, a solar system was born.

Combined with a navy and gray color palette, the room came together nicely and easily.

But it soon became apparent that it wasn't Max. He was interested in outer space insofar as most preschoolers are at some point, but his room didn't reflect his true interests or preferences. So, little by little and over time, he made his room more Max. First, he updated his room by taping coloring-book cut-outs of the Lalaloopsy girls among the planets. He filled his book shelves with Strawberry Shortcake books and the Rainbow Magic Fairies Series. He hung pink, sparkly salt dough ornaments from his blinds. His Mom Mom and Pop gave him a tiny wind chime with pink flowers on it that he hung from a dormant light switch. 

We bought him new sheets: Where once he lay upon rocket ships and stars, he now slept on pink gingham with ballet slippers embroidered on the trim. 

He was happy in his room...but it still nagged at me. In a house full of others and shared spaces, his room should be his. It should be him.

So, I broached the subject:

"Max, would you like to repaint your room someday?"

It was as though he thought I'd never ask.

"Oh, YES! And the walls will be pink and the accessories will be pink and white and gray and you can take down my rocket ship painting and put up some ballet slippers, you know to go with my sheets! And I can have a white lamp with a pink lampshade or maybe a white one. And pillows! LOTS of pillows on my bed! I'll be able to lounge like this...like a princess who just fainted! Only, I'll lounge like that when I read! Can you paint it today?!"

Clearly, it was a bedroom makeover not to be deliberated over. And so, without spending too much time gathering the materials, we knocked out the first inside DIY project since we moved into this newly constructed house almost four years ago. 

We started by finding the perfect shade of pink for the walls.

I had been warned about pinks....that they look so much more pink when you get it on the walls than they do on the card. I wanted to avoid bubble gum. I browsed the barely-pinks by name until I knew we had a winner: Ballet Slippers Pink, by Valspar at Lowes (CI 214). It is The Perfect Pink. And its name was serendipitous.

It took two coats of primer to cover the silver orbit lines and three to cover the black planet labels, but once primed, the painting didn't take long at all. I even challenged myself this time and didn't tape! I figured that, with a shade so light, it was a good time to practice my steady hand. I had to touch up the ceiling in a few spots, but overall, not taping was definitely a time saver.

And then, it was a matter of accessorizing. I switched out his rocket print for a set of ballet slippers (a perk of having owned a stationery/art print business...I have access to all of my own designs forever and free of charge!).

I rehung his newborn photos beside the window and we found a new spot for his name letters.

 I piled his bed with pillows...

(Gray/white chevron comforter from Kohl's, 
"Sweet" and "Dreams" pillowcases, and pink velvet throw pillow from World Market)

...and finally, we added his Birds. I know it may not be High Design, but I love these peel and stick wall decals for my kids' rooms. Instant personalization, relatively cheap (these were $18 at Target, Wall Pops brand), and super easy to install and remove. 

Max named his birds. From left, meet: Daisy, Rose, Daffodil, and Barry.

As he watched me hang them up, he noticed that the bars of the bird cages are behind the birds. The birds are essentially perched on or flying past the cages. "It would have been really sad if the birds were in the cages, wouldn't it, Mommy? It's better when you can just be free, right?"

Free to be you, Maxwell. It is so much better this way.

Lesson Learned:

I hope you love your new room as much as we loved putting it together for you.


  1. <3 <3 <3 <3 By the way both rooms looked fab, so well done Mom!!!

  2. Lovely room, and I completely agree with the comment on freedom.

  3. I found your blog by searching this ballet pink color to paint my office and what I found was such a beautiful family and a heartwarming post about letting your children be themselves. Thank you for sharing. I hope my office turns out nearly as pretty as Max's bedroom!