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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

You Should Get a Dog. Here's Why.

I was So not a Dog Person.

I actually may still not be one...but I am a Jake Person.

I mean, look at this face!

How could I not be?

I would never try to convince someone who is adamantly opposed to the idea that Getting a Dog is the right thing to do. It is a huge commitment, a lot of work, and costly. But maybe you're on the fence about getting a dog. Maybe you need a reason or 26 to push you in the direction your heart is leading you. 

I'm here to help.

Here's why you should get a dog. 

1. The looks on their faces...

2. You will hear your 8-year old say "I love you." It's to the dog, not you, but it counts. 
3. Dogs make good nurses when you're out with a fever.

4. This...

5. You'll walk. A lot. Sometimes with the kids and the dog, which has its perks, but sometimes it'll just be you, the pup, and Pandora and it will be perfect. It will be cold sometimes and not always convenient, but you'll do it anyway because the dog needs it and you'll realize how much you did, too.

6. Genuine smiles for the camera.

7. Your kids will willingly go out to play in the rain, the cold, and even the dark when the pup is acting crazy and needs outside time. They will run and get the fresh air they needed as much as the dog.

8. This...

9. Puppies make good nap buddies, especially for Uncle Jack, who just came off his night shift as a big city police officer...

10. You'll explore new parts of your neighborhood and your town that you hadn't before you had a dog and a reason to Get Outside More.

Like the dog park!

and fields for off-leash running!

11. Having a dog next to you makes long car rides go faster. (Stinkier, but more fun.)

12. The tenderness that you'll get to witness from your kids.

13. You'll lighten up a bit on your need to have a perfectly clean house (which was hard enough with three kids living here). Yes, you'll be mopping up water slopped out of the water dish and you'll be diligent about wiping his paws as he comes in from the back yard, but you'll realize that it actually isn't Crucial for Survival that the glass on your patio door be spotless. It won't be. Every time he needs to go outside, he'll nose and lick the door as his way of communicating his needs. It's better than pee on the floor, of course, so you'll learn to live with it. Hopefully, you'll have a dog who is as easily house-trained as Jake was and who, like Jake, doesn't shed. You'll recognize this easing of your Standards of Cleanliness as a good, healthy thing.

14. This...

15. Having a dog really is a great way to teach the kids responsibility and putting others' needs before your own. From feeding him, playing with him, cleaning up after him, and attending to him before getting a snack or turning on the computer after school, the kids have really done a great job recognizing and handling this new responsibility.

16. You'll get to see a whole new side of your adult siblings, who come over to play with the dog.


17. It'll remind you of what it was like to have a newborn. The up-all-night parts, yes (but only for one night in Amazing Jake's case), but also in the Look How Fast He's Changing way. It sounds ridiculous, but it really is beautiful to watch his personality develop as he grows. 

18. This...

19. Hikes are more fun with a pup.

20. This...

21. You knowingly married a Dog Person and he knowingly married a Not a Dog Person. After thirteen years, you'll finally have found a way to shock him.

22. Like babies, puppies are great conversation starters. Especially with a highly-recognizable, relatively uncommon breed like a Weimaraner. We have met so many fellow Weimaraner owners/lovers on our walks around town. And everyone, Dog People or not, have to comment on the size of our little monster's paws.

"He sure has a lot of growin' left to do!"
Yes. Thank you for the reminder.

23. This...

24. It's more fun to watch football with a puppy than without one.

25. This...

26. Before you know it--within hours, really--he will feel like a part of the family. You'll forget what it was like before you had him and your heart will feel the happy fullness of completion.

Lesson Learned:
Hooray for Jake! Especially because of the No Shedding. I'm pretty sure this list would have been a lot shorter if I was currently watching tumbleweeds of dog hair waft across my kitchen floor. 


  1. My eldest is demanding a dog now. He wants a Jack Russell. My wife wants a Jake. I am hiding under the duvet and I'm not coming out.

    1. HAHAHA! Sorry, ethelthefrog, but SO NOT SORRY Family of ethelthefrog!! Keep fighting the good fight! :) In all honesty, though, don't take the plunge unless you're truly all on board. As much as we ALL love Jake, he can be such a pain in the ass. A lot of the annoying stuff is the puppy phase--the jumpiness, the mouthiness...but not all of it. We just spent $250 at the vet to learn that he may need surgery on his tear duct. WTF?!