"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." ~e e cummings

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tim Gunn, Get Out of My Kitchen

I came downstairs this morning, as I usually do; showered, dressed, and ready to start my day with a smile. "Good morning!" I cheerfully greeted my boys who were, as they usually are, already at the counter, eating breakfast. My cheery smile soon faded, however, as my 6-year old looked me up and down with nothing short of sartorial scorn.

"Ohmygah, Mom. What are you wearing?"

I looked down at my clothes to ensure that I had, in fact, put them on. I had. I was wearing my nice (non-holey) jeans and a black tee, topped with a plaid shirt, casually unbuttoned. And, okay, it's true, I'm not usually a Plaid Person, but it was a beautiful October morning: I was rockin' fall, y'all.

"What?" I said, "This?" I gestured toward my shirt.

"Um. Yeah, " he said, with a hint of a sarcastic snicker. "What is this: Dress Like a Boy Day or something?"

I looked at him incredulously. He, in his unicorn tunic and patterned leggings, was one to talk. Besides, not that it matters, but this shirt fit me perfectly.

"Max. Seriously? How many times have we talked about the fact that ANYone can wear ANYthing that makes them happy and comfortable. Clothes are for Everyone."

He laughed gently and patronizingly: "No, it's totally fine! I mean...just...did you get that shirt out of daddy's closet or not?"

My dear boy. It's time you learned something: Tim Gunn wants his Fashion Mentor 'tude back. And Plaid is a Classic.

Lesson Learned:
Oh, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in his kindergarten classroom after I came in to volunteer today: "Guys, about my mom...Sorry you had to see that. She's so 1990s."


  1. You look a lot better than I do first thing in the morning. Completely fine outfit, if you ask me. Which you didn't.

    Clothes. Such a minefield.

    1. Right?! I had no idea I'd be spending this much time thinking about/shopping for/and talking about clothes this early in the parenting game. I thought I had another decade, at least...until Molly entered her teens. No such luck.