"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." ~e e cummings

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Tale of Friendship: in haiku

She has a new friend:
an imaginary friend.
He's quite real to her.

He lived in my room,
I mean, "The Swamp!" Until she
came to his rescue.

He's small and he's green.
He has a long tail. He is
an alligator.

She said, "I'm Molly,"
and, with a grin, he replied,
"I'm Starshine Lewis."

She brought him back home
and offered him food. He said,
"I mostly eat meat."

Molly was happy
to share her meals, as she's a

She has a new friend:
a carnivorous friend! And 
they're a perfect match.

When she goes to school,
her friend goes, too. He stays safe
tucked in her pocket.

"Good, little 'gator!"
she whispers to him, as she
pats him on the head.

She never reveals,
to the kids in her class, her
friend, hidden away.

And when they come home,
she lets him out. He's ready
to run and to play.

They play Swamp Monster,
(it's a swampy game) made up
by Starshine Lewis.

Watch out! A monster!
Jump from pillow to pillow
across the room swamp!

As I make our lunch,
she calls to me, "'Remember!
He mostly eats meat."

She has a new friend,
but he won't stay forever.
He's temporary.

The magic will fade,
though he's welcome to stay as
long as she believes.

She has a new friend--
a magic friend--and his name
is Starshine Lewis.

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