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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

DIY driveway racetrack

Now that I'm on my third 3-year old, I find myself pulling some old "Entertain the Cranky Kiddo" out of my back pocket that, once upon a time, were rare flashes of genius in my overtired, over-caffeinated brain. An old favorite that finds it's way back to the front of my mind each spring is the Driveway Racetrack. All you need is a couple of sticks of chalk, a wide open space of concrete or blacktop, and a kid who needs to run out some energy.

We add some breaks in our track. 

Here you have to stop and smell the flowers.
("They jus' smell like nuffing, though, Mommy.")

Here are our Tippy Toe Bridges.
You have to tip-toe across so as not to wake the sleeping troll underneath.

Don't get wet as you jump on rocks across the pond!

This took less than ten minutes to create (Molly directed while I chalked. The boys will likely add their own obstacles when they get home). She was non-stop for the next twenty minutes running the track, walking the track, hopping the track, and holding my hand as we followed the track together. Once, she was a dinosaur, chasing me along the track and later, she was my baby dinosaur and I had to teach her the way.

Lesson Learned:
Get outside. Get moving. Get creative. This has got it all.

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  1. I love this! Our mutual friend Blythe sent me the link ;)