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Monday, April 27, 2015

new mom tired

For the past few weeks, Molly has been suffering from terrible seasonal allergies. They came on as suddenly as the onset of this year's spring and her poor little nose has been stuffy and runny and sneezy ever since. We tried to mitigate her symptoms for the first week or so but there was little relief for her...or for me.

When Molly gets sick...or is overtired...or has a nightmare...or wakes to use the potty...or...well, she'll use just about any excuse, she refuses her own comfy, cozy, buddy-filled bed for our bed. Since allergy season began, she's been in our bed every single night...as early as 10pm. And that tiny little peanut of a girl; though she be but little, she is fiercely hogging of our spacious king. Sam gets kicked right out of the bed and goes to sleep in her quiet, empty room for a blissful night's sleep (until one of the boys wakes him up, that is). I, on the other hand, am left to deal with poor little suffering Molly who has been up, roughly, 13 times each night to sneeze, cry, whine, or lament: "Mommy! I jus' can't breeve!"

It's so sad. But so, so exhausting.

I'm not cut out for this up-all-night stuff anymore. I'm not cut out for bleary-eyed crisis management at 2am on a daily basis. It's like I have a newborn again...and I'm not cut out for New Mom Tired because when I wake up, instead of a newborn, I have a cranky, stuffy, I-Do-It-Myself-MOMMY! three-year old.

I'm so tired.

So I called the doc and, as much as I hated to do it, we started Molly on Allegra. I really didn't want to. We have had a terrible track record with Evan and oral allergy medicines. When he was little, we tried just about everything and they all affected him behaviorally and totally decimated his already abysmal sleep patterns. In the end, it was better to just treat Evan's symptoms than to deal with the wrath that was anti-histamines.

But we were desperate. And, we realize, Molly is a Completely Different Human Being than her big brother. So, we are giving it a shot.

Children's Allegra, Nasal Saline Gel (with aloe!), a bulb aspirator (she can't blow her nose, poor little thing), and boogie wipes will, hopefully, be our magic bullets.

And until there's relief, there's always coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

Lesson Learned:
...and I had been so looking forward to spring....

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  1. I feel your pain. The kids don't, of course. They feel their own pain and share it with you. Well, that is what we signed up for, but it would be nice to have Just. One. Night. of sleep.

    I'm honestly not sure if this ever lets up. It would be nice if it did, one day. Until then, as you say, there is coffee.