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Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Big Girl Bed

So....this happened today...

We didn't mean for this little peanut to grow up over night.

...but laying in Max's bed together last night, reading books before bed, Molly announced that she was ready for her own Big Girl Bed.

We had everything we needed...the bed, the bedding...so, really, there was no excuse.

We took apart the crib.

For the last time.

It will leave our house. After three babies and more than seven years, we will never have a crib in our house again. I can't begin to imagine how many times my arms have reached down into that crib to lay down or scoop up one of my babies.

I'm not ready to give up her crib bedding yet. The bedding I swooned over for the first twenty weeks of my pregnancy, knowing I'd never buy such expensive bedding for a baby who would use it for, maybe, two and a half years.  The day after we found out we were having a girl, I looked at the bedding one last time online...there was a beautiful red slash through the price: it was on clearance, discontinued to make room for a new pattern. I ordered it immediately.

 Today, I repurposed the bumper and quilt as cushions in her little reading nook window seat. I'll use the coordinating crib sheet and skirt as fabric for pillows, maybe. (Mom? Want a project?)

She loves her new Big Girl Room.

Although, at nap time, when I laid down next to her to read, she furrowed her brow and said to me, "Mommy? Why you take away my crib?" I said, "Oh, baby, it's because you said you were ready! You are ready. You're such a big girl."

And, finally, after asking me again where her crib is now ("Taken apart, baby, in the basement.") and pointing to my face and asking, "What these called, Mommy?" ("Eyebrows, baby. Time to go to sleep.") and pointing to her own and saying, "I feel mine eyebrows but no I can see them, Mommy!"

She slept.

Like such a big girl.

Lesson Learned:
I guess I'm using the term "Big Girl" loosely. We still have one more major hurdle to cross before that title is official....stay tuned! 


  1. Great pictures... especially the last one:) And I can ALWAYS use a project!