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Sunday, August 31, 2014


This is the third (and final) time I'll say this, but here goes:

You guys: I LOVE two-and-a-half years old.

Can you blame me?

It's the blossoming independence coupled with the naptime snuggles.
It's the "I want to be so brave," but taking baby steps to get there.

It's the little, developing personality starting to shine through coupled with the "I Do It, Too!" copycat mentality.

Yes, Molly. You can stand in Max's First Day of School photo.

It's the way they still look so cute when they cross their arms and furrow their brow when they're Seriously Expressing their Discontent.

It's the "I still look like a baby when I'm sleeping" coupled with "I can have a full and coherent conversation with you when I'm awake."


Molly's language right now is Booming.

She is a pretty quiet kid, taking more after the first of my boys rather than the second, but when she talks, she sure has a lot to say.

The other day, though it was 90 degrees outside and dripping with humidity, she asked to wear her ballerina tights. I obliged, of course, because I don't fight over clothes. As soon as we pulled them up and straightened her dress, she clasped her hands below her chin.

"I look just like a ballerina, Mommy?"
"Yes, baby. You look just like a ballerina."
"I'm a ballerina!"
"Would you like to take ballet classes and be a real ballerina?"
"Um, yeah. When I'm a big girl."
"Okay, maybe when you're three?"
"Um, yeah. And I do this?" (She twirls.)
"Yes! You'll twirl like a ballerina!"
"And I do this?" (She leaps.)
"Yes! You'll leap like a ballerina!"
"And.....I....frog jump?" (She frog jumps.)
"Uh...sure! You can frog jump!"
She casts a sideways glance at me, then a smile creeps across her face.
"Mommy! Ballerinas no frog jump! Frogs frog jump!"

Then we laughed and laughed and laughed....

Oh, this girl.

My little mini-me; babywearing. Just like her mama.

One way we're not alike: She has such an opinion about her clothing and, mostly, her shoes. (I shop at Target and wear Toms almost exclusively.) I love watching her decide what to wear in the mornings....and do I think it's an unhealthy obsession with appearance and/or vanity? Hell, no. It's decision-making! It's confidence! It's an expression of taste and style! 

And, it's adorable.

She runs after her brothers in the yard, playing her own game, but keeping up with the big kids.

She is an Expert at play. And I love to watch her. 

Here, she set up an apartment building for her Littlest Pet Shop toys.

Though she's expressing some interest in using the potty, shopping for her Big Girl underwear at Target the other day was met with a general sense of malaise and the literal dragging of feet.

Afterward, she felt the need to decompress in one of the "Get Dorm Ready!" displays.

Two-and-a-half is convincing Mom that she's big enough to climb up the big ladder "All by mysewf," and then celebrating with a hearty "I did it!" I-told-you-so.

But, then, two-and-a-half is also swinging lazily in the Baby Bucket.

Two-and-a-half is loving, sweetly...gently, on her Baby Cousin, then curling up on Mommy's lap and saying, "Goo goo ga ga! I'm a baby!"

Lesson Learned:
Sweet Molly, you'll always be my Baby.

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