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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Extraction of a Supernumerary: el fin

Today was the Big Day. The day that had been looming...on our calendar since January. The day this mama was to earn some pretty serious stripes on her badge...and the boy would earn a pretty good story to tell. Today was the day of Evan's Oral Surgery...the Extraction of his Supernumerary.

We left the house at 6:45 for his 8am appointment. Google said it was an hour's drive, to a city I'd never driven to before, and I wanted to have plenty of time. We did. We had PLENTY of time. We had enough time to hang in the car for awhile, joking around and playing games on my phone. Then, when the office staff finally showed up (Yes. We were quite early.) we had time to snuggle on those comfy waiting room chairs and read the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid I had picked up for him.

And then they called his name.

And my heart started pounding.

And as he coolly and calmly followed the nurse back to the room, I wanted to cry. Instead, I was Brave Mommy. I grabbed onto his shoulder and held on tightly.

(I was only pretending to be brave.)

The doctor met us in the room, briefly gave us a (G-rated) description of the procedure to remove that ridiculous extra tooth lodged between his not-yet-descended adult front teeth, and asked if we had any questions. I had a million...mostly related to post-op pain-management and infection-spotting. He had just one: "Can I keep my tooth when you take it out?"

"Of course, you can, buddy!" Dr. B promised. "Tooth fairies LOVE special teeth like these!"

He smiled. Big. Then we posed for one more picture....

...because Dr. B also kinda sorta slipped in there that those two adorable little front baby teeth might just become the two littlest casualties of that stupid, unnecessary extra tooth.

Dr. B measured out and administered the Versed; the mild sedative that would make Ev drowsy and ease any anxiety he might have about getting the IV. For the next 30 minutes, I read to him and rubbed his back as the medicine took effect. I wanted to freeze time. I wanted to fast forward time. I wanted to chug the unused portion of that sedative. But I continued my Brave Mommy act.

It was the performance of a lifetime.

Before I knew it, Dr. B was back...it was time for me to go to the waiting room. To wait. To sit, helpless, while she put my baby to sleep, cut open the roof of his mouth, and dug out a goddamn, completely worthless, unbelievably anxiety-inducing, non-functioning, upside down, sorry excuse for a tooth supernumerary.

It was a LONG 30 minutes.

But, really, it was only thirty minutes.

They let me back to see him.

He was groggy. He was dazed. He was confused.

But he was fine. And he still had his two front baby teeth!!

Dr. B said the procedure had been a breeze. The tooth came out cleanly and easily. He did great.

She went on to say that she had only needed to administer the minimal amount of sedative to him (he was only "under" for 8 minutes) and that his bleeding was minimal. She said he was the perfect patient.

Then....looking around...she said, "Hmm. Let me find out where they put that tooth."

Several minutes later...."Well, they dug through the trash, but it was already in the bio-hazard bin. They can't get it. I'm so sorry."

My shaky, slightly delirious boy perked right up. And he was Mad. "That's it. I'm leaving now," he insisted. The nurse tried to help, " Oh, honey, that's just the medicine talking." I wanted to assure her that, no, it was Evan talking. That boy had wanted that tooth. "I'm walking out the door now!" he said, as he slid out of the chair, unable to support himself.

I picked him up and said that, yes, we could leave.

He started to cry.

So did I.

He was so disappointed.

I was so, so relieved.

He was fine. Perfect.

Sore and swollen, but nothing that a day full of ice cream and new "You're So Brave" Legos couldn't fix.

And, to be honest, I'm kinda glad we don't have that tooth. I don't want to see it. I don't want to know more than I already do about what went on in that room while I sat in the waiting room, biting my nails to the quick.

Lesson Learned:
It's over. He did it. We did it.

My brave, brave boy.

Tomorrow, Day 2 of ice cream and Legos.

But first, tonight I'll sleep.

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  1. Thank you for this! My kid just got a referral to an oral surgeon today for the exact same thing, same spot and all. Of course, my mind is racing and I'm googling all this medical stuff that makes no sense. I just needed another mom to explain what happens and that it's going to be. just. fine.