"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." ~e e cummings

Sunday, June 8, 2014


Over the past, well, 100 days, I participated in the 100 Happy Days challenge.

It's pretty simple: you pick a day to start, then, for the next 100 days, you photograph what makes you happy and tag it on social media with #100happydays

The official site says that 71% of people fail to complete this challenge. 
Most of them said it was due to a lack of time.

71% of the people who attempted this challenge didn't have time to be happy?
Surely not.
I guess it took too much time to recognize and document the happiness they did experience....

I wonder how much time those same people 
spent finding something to complain about each day.

I found it easy to make it to day 100; not because I'm happier than most or have more free time than most or wanted to prove something to myself more than most or anything like that...but because I really loved this challenge. 

I try to make it a point to find tiny moments of happiness throughout the day.

I think it's because, as a stay-at-home mom, my days can look pretty monotonous. 
Or maybe it's because moods of the day can come and go so quickly, I want to capture a happy moment in my memory before the next inevitable meltdown occurs.

Or maybe it's because I watch the news and read too many headlines and sometimes it's hard to remember that, despite the ugliness that everyone seems to be talking about all the time, there is beauty, too. More of it, actually...and it deserves to be noticed and talked about, too.

I want my kids to hear me talking about what makes me happy
more than hearing me complain about what doesn't.

Looking back through my 100 Happy Days photos, 
I noticed a few big themes in my happiness...

1) I love my kids, I do.

But writing....

...and catching up on my shows after they're in bed...

make me happy, too.

2) Chocolate, beer, and coffee....

....and not necessarily in that order, make me happy.

3) This beautiful world...

...especially our own little corner of it...

....and especially when my kids have had a part in creating it's beauty...

...make me happy.

4) And of course....these three....

Their love for each other...

...their accomplishments...

...their bright and independent little personalities...

....I just love to watch them...

...they make me Happy.

Lesson Learned:
The kids knew that I did this challenge.
They even started playing along...around the dinner table instead of on Instagram. 
We each share one happy moment from the day. We try not to repeat our answers...we try to pick a unique Happy each day.

We'll beat the 71% who couldn't find the time to be happy.

**check out the rest of my 100 Happy Days on Instagram**

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