"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." ~e e cummings

Monday, May 26, 2014

peace, productivity, pickin', paradin', and the pool

Saturday morning, I woke up and left the house. 
To write.
For three hours.

All by myself.

I drank some coffee, wrote a few articles (assignments! Squeeee!!), 
felt totally productive, and totally blissful.

It was alright, I guess.

I came home to happy kiddos playing in the driveway.

I took advantage of their happily-playing-ness and 
increased my productivity by two newly-painted rocking chairs.

We woke up the next morning, and scooted down the road to our local strawberry patch.

First up, naturally, strawberry cider donuts.....
ohmygod you guys.

They're alright, I guess.

Strawberry Fields....

Some time at home....

...destroying my freshly-made bed...

enjoying each other...

(for the moment, anyway...)

And then....Memorial Day.

Friday night, Evan came out of bed for the third time, 
this time with Max with him as Reinforcements.
"You know, it IS Memorial Day weekend. It's a holiday. We should stay up late tonight. 
Kids should be able to do what they want on Memorial Day!"

He was not pleasant about it. 

I was not pleased about it.

I brought him back to his room and told him the real meaning of the holiday. 
For once, I ignored the fact that he's a sensitive kid who internalizes everything 
and feels things deeply personally.

I told him that Memorial Day is not a day for kids to do what they want.

I told him that it's a day of remembrance and reflection and appreciation. 
I told him that, sometimes, soldiers die.
And that some of those soldiers are mommies and daddies. 

It made a big impression.

Sunday morning, we prepared for our grand hiking adventure.
As we packed lunches and slathered sunscreen and filled water bottles and found socks and tied sneakers and ohmygod I KNOW you have to go to the bathroom so just go TRY!......

Evan found our flag.

He waved it during our entire mile-and-a-half long hike.

We met this sweet septuagenarian about halfway along the trail.

She pointed out some honeysuckle growing along the trail 
and helped my boys to sip the nectar.

She was lovely.

The whole morning was lovely.

The afternoon was pretty sweet, too.

Lesson Learned:
Ahhhhhh.....this weekend was just what I needed.

It was alright, I guess.

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