"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." ~e e cummings

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

hear the words in my heart, babies

"Meet ya at the bottom, Mom!" he called back to me as we headed downhill on the sidewalk that led us back to our house.

They're little daredevils on that hill...that safe hill; the one, gentle hill that ends with a perfect curve into our driveway, on our quiet street, in our idyllic neighborhood, in our little town.

They fly down that hill on their balance bikes, in their Power Wheels Jeep, and on foot. While they fly, they're free.

Tonight, ending our post-dinner walk, they crested the hill and were off with one last: "3...2...1...GO!"

In an instant, I saw each of the six driveways that criss-crossed the path from their point of origination near me, at the top of the hill, to their destination at the bottom. And I saw Danger.

"Watch for cars pulling into driveways!" I called after them.

In the next instant...I couldn't stop my brain from spiraling out of control as I watched, in real life, my boys coast safely into our driveway, happily Whoop-ing the whole way down...

Watch out for fast cars in general...and bad drivers....especially when those bad drivers are your friends. 

In fact, just do me a favor and watch out for ANY unsafe situations.

Watch out for people who make hasty decisions.

Especially when those decisions affect you.

Watch out for people who want to break your heart. Heartbreak isn't terrible...it can be liberating and an impetus for growth, actually, but you'll know the people who set out to disregard your heart out of their own selfishness...watch out for them.

Make good friends.

Make good decisions.

Protect your body and your heart and your soul.

Take care of you when I'm not there to.

I swallowed that giant lump in my throat that is the Weight of Motherhood and I followed my boys down that gentle, safe hill, back home.

Lesson Learned:
It's worth it for the joy and the love and the fullness in my heart, but, damn. This gig is hard.

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