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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring Break: In Pictures (and a few words)

We started our break with a very exciting (and loud) Daddy Send-Off at the train station.

Then, a few quiet days at home before our grand adventure.

We went to my parents' house; the house where I grew up. My only Home until I left for college. My parents kept the favorite, most-loved toys from when we were kids. It's like Christmas every time we go...

Except for the fact that my kids don't sleep when we travel. Which leads to mornings like this...

And early afternoons like this....

...so we can rally and hang for Movie Night with Mom Mom and Pop, like this...
 (We introduced the grandparents to Frozen, of course. Now that Pop can sing along with them to Let it Go, all is right in the world--except for the time he tried to sing it "Leave me alone! Leave me aloooooone!" which actually might be my new favorite song.)

Then, it was time to be sightseers.

National Museum of Natural History 

"Hi, Li!"

National Gallery of Art

Evan did not like Art Class last year. He didn't think he was any good at it; Art intimidated him. His kindergarten teacher told him of a famous painter who created Art by splattering paint on a canvas. She told him that art came in all different forms and everyone creates their own kind of art....there is no right way, just create what you love. His confidence bloomed. 

We saw that famous painter's famous painting as we walked through the museum on our way to lunch. Evan was Very Impressed. 
Evan and Jackson
I snuck one picture before the guard pleasantly reminded me to put away my camera.

Air and Space Museum: Udvar-Hazy Center 

Vintage Star Wars toys

Rule Breakers

Evan and Max were able to land the Discovery space shuttle in a flight simulator. They took their jobs Very Seriously. The instructor told Pilot Max to come up with a Code Word to signal Commander Evan that it was time to drop the Drag Chute. He suggested what other kids had used: Now! or Drag Chute! or Pizza! Max thought long and hard before coming up with his Code Word: "Tell Me In Common!" We don't know what he meant, either.

 Driving tour of DC

DC was packed. My Dad, former police officer in the city, knows it like the back of his hand. He took us on an awesome driving tour of the nation's capital so we could see the sights. Evan commandeered Aunt Lizzy's phone and took 207 photos on our trip. That is not an estimate or an exaggeration. He took precisely 207 photos.

Here are some of mine...

And finally....
Sunday Morning Paper

Lesson Learned:
I love Spring Break. I love Washington D.C. in the spring. I love being at my parents' house with my kids anytime. I just wish they'd figure out how to sleep in beds other than their own, ever. Yawn.

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