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Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Lego Movie Party

This boy...

woke up on Saturday, declaring it His Birthday, despite the fact that it was two days before he actually turned seven...because it was, in fact, Birthday Party Day. He wore his crown (from his kindergarten birthday last year, saved especially for this day...) all morning.

Evan has been Lego Crazy for over a year now. Last year's Ninjago birthday party was, apparently, the first in a series of Lego-themed birthday parties. That's okay by me because these birthday parties? They practically plan themselves.

The decor was super simple.

I downloaded the Lego font to create this Lego Birthday Banner. (I think I downloaded the font from Urban Fonts, but a Google search should turn up something.)

I highlighted each letter in my Word document before printing them out (I printed four to a page on white cardstock). Then, I cut out each individual letter and mounted it on red cardstock before taping it on the string. 

I almost spent $12 to get a roll of actual Lego Brick wrapping paper to use as the table runner....but then I found this multi-colored square pattern at Toys 'R' Us for $3 and figured it would look just as great. I'm pretty sure zero of the 7-year olds even noticed that there was a table runner.

Because it was an afternoon party, the menu was simple....fruit, veggies and hummus, juice boxes (wrapped in cardstock, with cardstock circles taped to the front to look like Lego Bricks...)

....and Boob cakes.

I mean, Lego Brick cakes.

So maybe my mini-cupcakes were just too big or my mini-loafs were just too little...but either way, the proportions were off and these cakes definitely looked like breasteses. I felt a bit like I was setting up a Bachelor Party instead of my 7-year old's birthday party....but cake is cake, and none of the boys (sweet, innocent, Lego-loving boys) saw anything other than building blocks. Phew.

Because this was a Lego Movie birthday party, we had a few "Master Builder" challenges. Each child needed to create a unique mini-figure, vehicle, and building/base.

(Molly played, too.) 

Then, they had to work in teams to create a story that incorporated all of their creations. Because it was a room full of 7-year old boys, all of the stories sounded like, "The good guys were there and then the bad guys came and then Blam! There was a battle! And the good guys won!"

But I loved to watch the process...

We also played a game called "Build and Switch." Each child started with a tray with a set assortment of Lego pieces on it. He had two minutes to build, then we switched trays. At the end of six rounds, each child had contributed to the team-building of each finished creation. This was a Great activity..... but it was really unnecessary....

I could have dumped a bin of Legos on the floor and left the room for two hours. These boys were, indeed, Master Builders.

And then it was time to sing...

...to my almost seven-year old.

The final game was part game, part party-favor.

Musical Mini-figures is played similarly to musical chairs, but instead of kids rotating around a circle of chairs, cards were passed from child to child. Each child started with a card, each with a different Lego Movie character printed on one side. The Birthday Boy chose one of the Character Cards to be the Winning Card. When the music started ("Everything is Awesome," from the Lego Movie, of course), the passing began. When the music paused, all cards were placed face-down in the center of the circle, and picked, at random, by each child. This continued until the end of the song, at which point the boy holding the chosen Character Card was deemed the Winner. We played a few rounds, just for fun, and then was the Prize Round.

We swapped out the Character Cards for cards that all had Emmett (the main character from the Lego Movie) on the front and a number from 1 to 6 on the back. The game was played exactly the same way, but at the end of the song, the child holding the number 1 card was allowed to choose a Lego Movie mini-figure to take home. Continuing with the child holding the number 2 card, and then going in order, each child had a chance to choose a mini-figure party favor. (I bought one extra mini-figure, so that even the last child to pick still got to make a choice. Lucky Molly got the extra.)

To round out the party favors, each child got another sealed mystery mini-figure pack and a Lego Movie bag tag that I made, with Emmett pictured on the front and the child's name on the back.

It was a great, easy party. I love Legos. And I love my boy who loves Legos.

Now we just need the Movie to come out on DVD so our lives will be complete.

Lesson Learned:
At a Lego Movie Birthday Party? Everything is Awesome!

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