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Monday, March 31, 2014

I'm Over You, Judgy Mommies

I just read another article telling me how lame I am for entertaining my kids, organizing arts and crafts for my kids, and planning birthday parties for my kids. I only skimmed it, but it basically said: When we were kids, we played outside. When we were kids, birthday parties consisted of popping balloons, eating cake, and playing outside. When we were kids, there was no such thing as Elf on the Shelf and the Tooth Fairy left a quarter--if we were lucky….and then we played outside again.

I’m sure it would have gone on to say that the author played on rusty, metal playground equipment over concrete and Look at us! We turned out just fine!

You guys, I’m so over it.

I enjoy doing art projects with my kids. I LOVE planning their craftastic themed birthday parties. When they go outside, I go out with them. And, most of the time, I like playing with my kids, too. (Except for when we were stuck in the roles of Elsa and Anna for, like, two weeks and I lost my freaking mind.)

Sorry, not sorry, Judgy Mommy.

I’m so very lucky that I can stay home with my kids and play with them. I’m so lucky that I have the time, the resources, and the creativity to bring to life the birthday parties that they dream up. I’m so, so, so, so lucky to have a cleaning lady come in every couple of weeks to dust my baseboards, mop my floors, clean my ceiling fans, and make my bathrooms sparkle so that I don’t have to spend my time with my kids doing those things.

But can you mommies who don’t want to play or plan or craft or bake or photograph or blog stop trying to make me feel like the world’s biggest dweeb for wanting to? Or worse--that what I'm doing is potentially harmful to my kids' development? Ouch. I don’t think I’m a better mommy than you are, so stop acting like you’re raising better kids, who are going to know how to “create their own magic” by being left to their own devices more. Creating magic happens to be fun for me. It’s why I taught kindergarten before I had kids of my own. Being witness to and a part of that magic that happens naturally in childhood is the pay-off I get after dealing with my kids’ sleeplessness as newborns, their stubbornness as 2-year olds, and the demons they become when they turn three. It’s why I became a parent.

Live and let live, mommies. You’re setting a terrible example for your children when you criticize the way other families choose to spend their money or their time.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a fabulous Lego Movie Birthday Party to create.

Lesson Learned:
I've got to stop reading mommy articles, yet I'm a mommy blogger. I hate it when I have to be a hypocrite.

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