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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Diary of a Wimpy Kid....Evan is a Reader

He's always been a book lover. As a baby, he would sit contentedly in his pack'n'play with nothing but a stack of books to occupy him while I took a shower. While I cooked dinner, I'd pull out a book basket and never have to worry that he'd wander off and get into trouble. As a toddler, his favorite time was right before nap time, when he would sit on my lap with his binky, twirling his hair, and we would read and read and read. (He was my only baby, we had the luxury of time to read and read and read....).

His first "word" was actually a sentence. "Dat's a backhoe," he said, as he pointed to a picture (of, yes, a backhoe) in a book about trucks we were reading at the bookstore when he was two and a half.

He was eager to learn to read in the weeks leading up to kindergarten and took off reading like a pro once kindergarten was underway.

He's two weeks shy of his seventh birthday, in the downhill slide toward the end of first grade, and today, another reading milestone was reached.

Today, Evan disappeared for over an hour to read. And then, after a brief interlude with his Legos, he retreated back to his room to continue his book. Later, when I stole some quiet time in my own room to write, he came with me...cuddled up next to me and read silently beside me while I typed away.

At bedtime, instead of me reading a few chapters of his current read-aloud novel to him, he opted to read silently....while I laid next to him, reading along.

This boy....

...has discovered the magic.

Lesson Learned:
The Easter Bunny brought two books from the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series. Looks like I'm off to buy the rest of the collection.

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