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Saturday, February 15, 2014

What Is Real?

Me: Goodnight, baby. I love you.

Max: So, the girl in the video, is she real?

Me: The Brave video? Yes, her name is Sara Bareilles and she's real. She's really the one singing the song.

Max: So her name is really Sara?


And the boy in the Lego movie, he's real, too?

Yes, but the story is just make-believe.

So he's not real?

Well, he's a real kid, but he's an actor. Those Legos aren't really his.

He doesn't really have Legos?

Well, he might, but not those that they used on the set.

The set?

Yes, the house. That's not really his house. It's just a pretend house that they used for the movie.

How do they make a pretend house?

Well, it's probably a real house, just not the actor's house.

Why not? He doesn't like it?

No, I'm sure he does, it's just that they used it for the movie, he doesn't really live there with his family.

Does his dad live there, though?

The movie dad is another actor, it's not his real dad. And no, he doesn't live at the set, either.

No one lives with the Legos?

I don't think so.

Are the Legos real?

[In my head: OHMYGOD GO TO BED.]

Goodnight, sweet boy.

Goodnight, Mommy.......but are they Mommy? And does the boy really have a sister like in the movie, but she's upstairs and we don't see her? Does he have a sister that does come downstairs?

Lesson Learned:

Bedtime Staller: Master Class

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