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Friday, February 21, 2014

The Dragon Lady is Two

Baby Girl, you're a lucky one.
Right in the middle of your two big brothers is just about always 
exactly where you want to be.

And they [just about] always want you there, too.

You are so loved, sweet Molly. So loved that you are smothered in hugs and kisses every morning when you wake up. So loved that you are included in just about every game and even given first choice of guy or pony or princess or costume. So loved that you have a cheering section at-the-ready for those times that you put on your own hat or take off your own shoes or climb down the stairs by yourself. Actually, the cheering section might not always be standing by...you kind of demand the attention when you announce your accomplishments with two fists in the air and a mighty "I did it!"

You've always been Very Good at expressing yourself.

Guess who wants to go outside?
Guess who doesn't want to share the necklaces?
Guess who is Not Pleased by tonight's menu?

But now, baby girl, you're TALKING.
It's one of my favorite things about You at Two. You repeat back anything we say to you (even when Max says things like, "Molly, say Bum Bum Bum Bum Pee!" or Evan says, "Molly, can you say General Grievous?"). You sing songs (complete with choreography!). You re-tell stories (especially Pete the Cat, but others, too. Listening to you "read" Brown Bear, Brown Bear is another one of my favorite things, and the inspiration behind your Eric Carle-themed birthday party). And now you are stringing words together to make new, unique, and completely Molly sentences.

Is there anything more amazing than watching your child discover the power of language?

And when you're not talking, you're crawling around meow-ing. You love to play Kitty. You love to take on any new roles....you always have.... 

....and you have such a great play pal in your dress-up buddy Max...

You two take play Very Seriously.

And you do a very nice job of dressing for the occasion. You always have.

But just because you're fancy doesn't mean you don't like to get dirty....
...although you eat much more neatly now that you're such a Big Girl...

....you dive right in when it comes to messy, sensory play and art.

You are....
Such an artist.

Such an explorer.

Such a musician.

Such a READER.

Baby girl, seeing you love your books is another one of the best parts about You at Two.
You love finding cozy spots...

....or sharing your books with your buddies...

....or simply becoming one with your favorite book pile.

This. This is why your party will be Everything Eric Carle. Your absolute favorite.
In fact, when we tuck you in at night, we leave you with a pile of books in your crib. You use them as a pillow, then read them to your buddies in the morning. 

And when you're not surrounding yourself with books, you're jumping into the middle of a stuffed animal pile to snuggle with your buddies. Or, as you have started calling them recently, your Good Guys. (Someone's been eavesdropping on the Star Wars lego play going on in the next room, I think. I'm glad you went with "Good Guys" over "droids" or "wookies" or something.)

You have half a dozen baby dolls that you couldn't care less about...but those buddies?
You love them all.

Look at you sleeping there with all of those buddies
....and all of those curls.

Molly and her Dawgs...I mean, Doggies

Wasn't it just last week that I swaddled you tightly and laid you on the couch beside me, while I savored your too-little-for-a-proper-bedtime-ness?

And now, you are the Big Girl. 
Holding, so proudly, so gently, the New Baby cousin.

Molly and Baby Kieran

Well, "so gently" after you stomped into the room demanding, 
"My tur'! My tur' hol' bay Kee!"
Such a lady.
My Dragon Lady.

I love you so, my Molly girl.
And I'll say it a hundred times a day so I can hear you respond in your perfectly tiny, perfectly lovely little voice: "I do, too."
And my heart, a hundred times a day, will melt.

Lesson Learned:
No matter how big you grow, or how much you know, or where you go....

You'll always be my Baby.

Happy, happy Birthday, my sweet Dragon Lady.

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