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Friday, February 21, 2014

Brave Mommy

Over the last year, as we have supported and encouraged our princess-loving, dress-wearing boy to Be Who You Are and Wear What You Like, I've had a number of people respond with comments such as "It's so good of you to support your son...no matter what," or "I'm so glad that Max has parents like you who allow him to be who he truly is."

As if we're doing something brave by allowing Max to choose his own interests.

I appreciate the support from my friends, relatives, and acquaintances....but I assure you....this is not a Mommy Be Brave moment. This is actually pretty easy.

There are moms who are having to be very Brave right now.

Did you know that there are Moms who let their children race down an icy track on only a small sled at over 80 mph, FACE FIRST? Of course you did. You've watched skeleton at the Olympics. The moms who say, "Sure, honey. I'll drive you to skeleton practice," are brave.

Brave are the Moms who allow their child to be THROWN, spiraling through the air, OVER ICE, by another person who is wearing ICE SKATES.

Brave are the Moms who watch their children fly off of ski jumps.

And don't even get me started on slope style. Yeesh.

Brave are the Moms who allow their children to endure matches that can last up to SEVEN HOURS of sliding heavy polished rocks, sweeping the ice, wearing funny, mismatched slippy-grippy shoes, and...okay, never mind.

Brave are the Moms who watched and supported their children as they pursued a lifelong dream....and who were there to comfort their babies when their dreams were crushed by four HUNDREDTHS of a second.

Motherhood requires emotional strength and, yes...Bravery.

I'm just glad my kid is raiding the dress-up bin, not risking life and limb, in search of his shiny gold.

Lesson Learned:
I totally watched the Olympics with mommy goggles on this time around. It was exhausting.

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