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Sunday, February 23, 2014

An Eric Carle Birthday Party: MOLLY IS TWO!

She may not have the correct finger formation for it...

But make no mistake about it.
Molly is TWO!

And she's obsessed with the animals of Eric Carle.

And so, an Eric Carle Birthday Party it was!

We started, of course, with a cozy, little reading nook.

It was set up days before the party, and will remain set up for awhile. 
These sweet babes just love cozy reading nooks.

I printed out the animals from Brown Bear, Brown Bear, mounted them on construction paper, and laminated them. I strung up a line with mini clothespins and made a Clip-A-Story retelling activity.

It was a little more than the two-year olds could manage on their own, 
but it was perfect for the preschoolers.
Max and his BFF dove right in.

This activity may have been my favorite...

She kept photo-bombing, so I let her pose.

I made these Grouchy Ladybugs sensory bags by filling six balloons with six different materials (flour, pompoms, pepitas, course salt, lentils, and glass beads) for the kids to feel, but not see. I then put the same materials in clear jars for the kids to see and shake, but not feel. Could they make a match?

The little ones just liked squeezing the balloons and feeling the different textures.
They also discovered that some of the balloons bounced, some rolled, and some just landed with a thud.
The big kids (and grown-ups!) tried to guess the matches.

The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse provided the inspiration at our art station.

Although I never got a "final product" photo, we had a Very Hungry Caterpillar necklace-making station. The goal was to string one red bead and eight or nine green beads to look like Eric Carle's most famous illustration. 

Molly was such a good helper for Pop.

Before heading to their places at the table, the kids were invited to make a 
Very Hungry Caterpillar place card.

Evan and Max got right to work making theirs early on the morning of the party. Evan wanted to make sure he was able to sit next to the Birthday Girl, Max wanted to make sure he got the seat with the "right" water bottle.

It was a morning party, so we had cupcakes and a few snacks, not a real meal. 
(Although cupcakes totally counted for Molly's lunch that day.)

I made caterpillar skewers (which looked much better on Pinterest...maybe I should have looked for tiny strawberries)....

....and pepperoni and cheese slices that the hungry caterpillar ate through....

I made the cupcake toppers by cutting circles of colored cardstock, hot-gluing circles on either side of a toothpick. Max and Molly stuck Eric Carle stickers on both sides.

Although she was shy when we first started singing, this girl lit right up by the end of her song.

And she was a total pro blowing out her candles...

We had such a fun time at our sweet girl's second birthday.
She was down for her nap by NOON.....

....and this kid, who missed his nap so he could play with Mom Mom and Pop and Grandmother and Grandpop, was pretty tired by bedtime....

Lesson Learned:

Like all birthday parties in this house, this one was fun and festive, and pretty simple...but....well, it seems I don't know how to do a just-some-cupcakes-and-playtime party. 

I can't help but find a theme my kids love and run with it. The fact that I only get to plan three birthday parties a year sort of kills me....so who needs a party planner? I'm actually kind of serious.  

In the meantime, I guess I'll just start brainstorming for Evan's 7th birthday in April.....I'm already thinking of what I could do with Lego Star Wars...........


  1. LOVE the sensory matching lady bugs!!! I'm nowhere near as clever as you, but I love a good get together. And even though it's only February I might already be thinking about Baby Girl's 1st bday in JULY! :) Nice job, mama!

  2. So happy the hungry caterpillar is still around! You're so creative with the food too! I love it