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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I love to watch her play.

Molly has always excelled at Play. She is thoughtful; she is imaginative; she is smart; she is independent; she is confident; and she is persistent--refusing to give up on a toy or manipulative until she figures out a way to use it in her play. On top of that, she has brag-worthy fine motor skills (which I did at her 15-month well-check when I gushed to the doctor about her ability to connect and disconnect Lego pieces. To which he responded with a totally unimpressed face, "Legos are choking hazards." Yes, thank you, Dr. KillJoy). But truly, Molly is just really good at keeping her tiny, delicate hands and her always-turning mind busy.

She gravitates toward toys that come with small pieces, and she LOVES animals. It's the perfect recipe for Calico Critters, which she received for Christmas. She undresses (and asks for help to dress) the animals, saying "bath" and "night night" as she does so. She sets up the mommy critters on the couch and sends the daddies to the playroom with the babies. She tucks the babies into their tiny beds, gently tucking them in under a tiny, stiff blanket.

The other day, I answered the phone right as I was taking Molly up for her nap. Because it had been Quite A Day, I needed some Adult Conversation Time, and because the boys were settled in their rooms with their Quiet Time Activities, I sat in her rocking chair, chatting with my friend, and I watched her play. 

First, Great Big Bear was carefully positioned for a nap. She thoughtfully considered her buddy basket for a minute before selecting two nap buddies for Great Big Bear. She placed the pink bear and the owl next to him to snuggle with, then she stood back to look. "Book!" she pronounced, as she picked out a book for him. "Bla bla!" she said next, as she pulled the blanket off the arm of the chair I was sitting in. After pulling one corner and walking around him and pulling the other and walking around him some more and pulling yet again, she finally got the blanket just right on her buddy. Then she found a book and buddy for herself, directed me to tuck her in with her nap blanket, and "took a nap." I wrapped up my phone call, she "woke up," and she went to sleep for real. 

This girl Loves her buddies. She takes such good care of them.

And, when she wants human company, she has two nearly-always willing playmates in her brothers (although she will, on occasion, approach me with a pair of fairy wings, which signals that I'm allowed in). She's one lucky little lady.

And I love to watch her play.

I always have. I always will.

And then....this....while I was cleaning up from lunch the other day, the house got quiet. Too Quiet. Max was in the teepee, reenacting the entire Frozen screenplay with his new Elsa and Anna dolls. But Molly? I'd lost track of her. I peeked into the playroom and found this......

....She had set up her Fairy Princess castle and had put tiaras on herself and her TWO UNICORNS, which sat on their own chairs.

The next day, she invited Doggie and Kitty to play.

I LOVE to watch her play.

Lesson Learned:
This is a golden age. I love the development of language, curiosity, imagination, creativity, independence, and interaction that happens around two years of age. I love Two. In fact, if there was a way I could double up on Two and skip Three altogether, I'd pay any price. But I can't, so instead I'll just savor this time we're in right now. And I'll sit back, sip my coffee, and watch my girl play.

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