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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Holiday Wrap-Up, in pictures

My biggest wish for our family going into this holiday season was to maintain balance. I didn't want to overdo it on gifts or travel or social obligations or fun-and-festive-holiday-Must-Do-Activities just for the sake of doing any of it. I wanted December to be fun and festive and full of Do It If We Feel Like Doing It and It Isn't Going To Stress Us Out by Doing It Activities. 

And I think, for the most part, we struck just the right balance.

We had just the right amount of time for baking and decorating...

...for our annual Cookies and Cocktails Christmas party, for gifts for friends and family,

...and for our two school Gingerbread House Decorating Parties.

We had lots of family time, both at our house and after just a little, not too much, travel.

Grandpop and the dollhouse he made for Molly

dance party with Uncle Matt and Aunt Megan

"Story Time" with Uncle Mike. He needs to work on his story telling.

But we had lots of time for just our own little family to be together, too.

Between our phones and our camera, we took dozens and dozens of pictures of this scene.
This was the best one.

Max is the World's Best Sharer.
She wants everything that is his, all the time. 

But, as is necessary, we also had time apart. Time to play on our own. Time and space to breathe and decompress from all the craziness that the holiday time can bring.

The kids are getting to the ages (and the more independent personalities of the younger two help) of self-sufficient play. They are happy to spend time alone....the new toys from Santa and our generous family help, too.

And, sometimes, because we're a family, we even found ourselves alone, together.

It was the perfect balance for our family of sensitive, routine-craving, prone-to-overstimulation-meltdowns kids, who just won't sleep past 5:30 am, no matter how busy they've been, how late they've stayed up, or where they are. Someday, they'll sleep. And when that day comes, it may come with a hefty price tag; the magic of this season may be waning for them. So I won't rush them. The magic of Christmas was alive and well, nearly tangible, this year....I can't believe that someday that will change...will come to an end. So I'll gladly pay the price of sleeplessness. For that, there's always coffee. Peppermint Mocha coffee...........

Lesson Learned:
It really was the most wonderful time of our year. Next year, I hope we can recreate the same great balance...with all of the magic, but maybe with *a bit* more sleep...now to go power up the Keurig.

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