"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." ~e e cummings

Sunday, December 1, 2013

I'll still kiss you goodnight...

...even though you're six (and a half).

Even though you're saying such big kid things, like, "Me and some of the guys were..." and "I just had this totally random thought..."

Even though I can feel you slipping into Independent Adolescence as you enjoy your "alone time" after school. I've missed you all day, but you need your solitude (I get it. I really get it.) so I leave you be.

Even though you school me on such matters as Aquatic Mammals and Vehicles of the Tundra and Star Wars Characters.

Even though you get bored ten minutes into Christmas Tree Decorating and want to go and play with your Legos and I need to lecture you on "Christmas Spirit" and "Family Time," like you're 15...

I'll still kiss you goodnight. As long as you let me.

Because you still curl up on my lap for a quick snuggle when you're holiday-ed out.

Because you still wear zip-up jammies...and you call them "jammies."

Because you still prefer that I read to you, although you could read any text I hand to you.

Because you still want me to help you shampoo your hair and help you straighten the seams on your socks.

Because you're still my baby, even if you roll your eyes when I tell you that.

Because you're ONLY six (and a half).

Lesson Learned:
Stay little, will you? Please?

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