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Friday, October 25, 2013

things are getting creeeeeeeeepy

Well, kind of creepy. Mostly just "festive."

But, there has been an alarming increase in the number of disturbingly large and realistic plastic spiders in our house lately, so I'll stand by Creepy.

Now that November is right around the corner, we're no longer dressing up as princesses for Max's Princess Party, we're in formal attire, police officer uniforms, tiger suits, and Witch's Hats for the upcoming celebration of All Hallow's Eve.

My two littlest witches and I started our day today at Max's preschool to do one of our favorite Halloween (or anytime) light table activities: Witch's Brew. I started my brief return to the front of the class by reading a new book to the kiddos that has easily become one of our family's most-read Halloween books, Room on the Broom. Because it's about a witch, and I was dressed in my witch costume, I pretended the main character and I were friends. I was in character. It made sense to me. One little girl in the class, though, was not buying it. "You're not really friends," she started, "I mean you don't even have the same color witch hat." Touche, little one.

During Choice Time, the kids each had a turn to come over to Clare's wonderful new light panel to mix up their own witchy potion concoctions.

 They did a wonderful job. And, while the big kids were busy coloring and mixing, little Molly just made herself right at home in the classroom. She took care of a sick cow at the Veterinary Clinic, she cooked in the kitchen with a buddy, she mucked in the gak in the art studio, she built a fairy block tower with Max's BFF, and she Did. Not. Want. to leave. The poor thing is going to be devastated when she learns that I'm not going to give her up to preschool next year.

After our Witchy Morning, it was off to an afternoon of Pumpkin Carving with my first grader. But first, we had to prep our pumpkin for carving. Thursday afternoon, the kids gathered around expectantly as I cut the top off of our pumpkin. I peeled it off for the big reveal.....and they all gagged. They couldn't get over the smell. After the initial reaction, I had little hope of having any help scooping out the guts, and I was right. They wouldn't reach in. So. I scooped the guts. Then, I tried to gather some help separating the seeds from the goop. Yeah, right. So. I separated the seeds.  I did get the boys to agree to making their "How Many Seeds Are In The Pumpkin" guesses...(Max: 100, Evan: 101---he's going to kick ass at Price Is Right someday). And I did force them to help me count the seeds....
(Final result: 511!) Here's a great way to count large quantities with kids: lay out a huge roll of paper and draw a bunch of large-ish circles. Count 10 seeds (or whatever you're counting) into each circle, then, when finished, just count by 10s.

And if your sensory kid puts up a fight because the seeds are too slimy, give him a spoon and put him to work.

So. I cut the pumpkin. I scooped out the guts. I separated the seeds. I washed the seeds. And I seasoned and roasted the seeds. And, like the Little Red Hen before me, I did it alone. But when it was time to eat the seeds? Yup. They all loved them. (Unlike the Little Red Hen though, I shared, because, OHMYGOD! Is Evan TRYING A NEW FOOD?!)

So, pumpkin prepped and seeds devoured, we were ready for a Friday afternoon Pumpkin Carving party. But what's a Pumpkin Carving party without snacks, though, right? I couldn't resist drawing up a bunch of these adorable little clementine Jack-o-Lanterns to go with the popcorn and candy that the other parents contributed. I mean, look at them.

 Evan's buddy helped us carve our pumpkin. They, quite democratically, agreed upon a face and took turns carving.

Final verdict?
Evan says, "Scary." His buddy said, "Nah, he's silly." Evan insists: "No. He's scary. See those teeth I gave him? Those aren't just any teeth....they're PIRATE TEETH." 
"Oh," she said, "I didn't know that. Yeah, he's scary."

And, it may not be Halloweeny, but would you just look at this girl?
We sat for a tea party the other day....
The light was perfect.
She was, and is, gorgeous. 

And I'll tell her so every single day.

Lesson Learned:
Happy Halloween!

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