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Thursday, September 26, 2013

How to Build A Force Field

By Evan
Age 6 1/2

1. Get a Special Jacket. One that's built for catching lightning. You might have to build it yourself.

2. Wait for a thunder and lightning storm.

3. Use your Jet Pack to fly to where the lightning is shocking the ground.

4. Catch the lightning in the bowl. Oh, you need a bowl that's built for catching lightning, too.

5. Once you've collected all the lightning you need, take it back to your lair.

6. Mix it with red food coloring.

7. Pour it into a generator.

8. Wait five weeks.

9. There's your Force Field!

10. Use a remote control to control your force field so it lets only the good guys in and keeps the bad guys out. It can protect everything important, like the jewel room, the White House, and other important stuff.

"I've got big plans tomorrow, Mom."

Uh, oh.

Lesson Learned:
So red food coloring is actually intended to be used in the creation of a force field. Who knew?

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