"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." ~e e cummings

Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Changing Perspective

Sam went away this weekend. For less than 24 hours....but for all 22 hours that he was gone, it rained. And so, needless to say, when he got home, I headed out for a little Me Time. First I spent too much money on a cup of coffee (but, even as I took my last sip, it was still hot, so it was worth every penny). And then I spent too much money on party and craft supplies for Max's upcoming Princess and Heroes Birthday Party (but the look on his face when I got home and unloaded the goods for him to peruse made them worth every penny).

And then.....behold! I went to the grocery store. ALONE.

Mommies, you get it. My options were: take two kids on one of Max's days off of school or use up one of my Molly and Mommy Days while Max was at school. I guess there was technically one other option...The Nuclear Option: The Take All Three Kids Grocery Shopping AFTER SCHOOL option.

It, obviously, wasn't even a choice.

And so, I wandered the aisles of the grocery store far from home....the one near the university, that I don't usually go to but that has the right kind of yogurt and milk for my high-maintenance dairy-free, soy-limited, nut-free, need-more-fat-and-protein skinny minnies. And while I wandered, I sipped my coffee, read labels, compared prices and protein-contents, and felt totally Peaceful.

And then I saw them. The group of four ridiculously cute and perky college roommates. They were all huddled around a cart that contained, roughly, six things. One of them held a list. The one pushing the cart said to the others, "So, is that everything?" Two nodded, one--the one holding the list, dramatically put her head in her hands and said, "I don't even know. Let's just go. This place is Like. So. Overwhelming."

I, clearly, just about laugh-snorted my Grande Vanilla Latte all over the sweet potatoes.

Overwhelming? Grocery shopping with your three (adult) besties, is overwhelming?

Oh, if only I had had my three little (not adult) besties with me today. I could have just loaned them to her for a few minutes.

They could have just given her a little glimpse into her potential future...the crying, the whining, the excessive touching of each other and things on shelves, the walking too slow, the walking too fast, the hanging onto the cart, the "I want to ride in the cart"s, the "I want to get out of the cart"s, the "I need to use the potty NOW!"s, and the, roughly, 76 "Mommy Can We Get"s per child. (Unless your baby is preverbal, then she will point to the box of Elmo crackers, say "Dis!" and point to herself repeatedly and with increasing insistence until you finally "understand" what she's been trying to tell you and just throw the damn Elmo crackers in your cart.)


How is she going to handle mid-terms?

Lesson Learned:
Ah, perspective. You live and learn...and then you look back and realize that, what seemed like a big deal at the time, was a walk in the park.

I shudder to think what I'll be doing when taking three kids under the age of 7 to the grocery store seems like a breeze.....

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