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Sunday, July 14, 2013

slip slidin' away

It's disappearing. Right before my eyes, it's slipping away. We're really only about halfway through summer, but that means we're HALFWAY through summer. And I don't know about where you live, but here, the first half of summer has been nothin' but rain. Our summer to-do list? Practically untouched. In addition to our upcoming beach trip, there's a lot left to cross off: hikes, parks, playgrounds, picnics, pool days, playdates, and....well, I'm sure I know two little boys who could help round out that list of "P" words....

It's been a weird summer. But we've still managed to keep busy and happy. And I'm just soaking in my time with my two big boys before I send them off to school in just a few short weeks. Evan? FIRST grade? I can't think of it. And Max? Three days a week? As much as I'm hoping that he'll find his new school a better fit, I'm going to miss that kid....and the wacky things he says....

So it's been a fast-as-lightning, monsoon-soggy kind of summer, but it's still Summer. And Summer is For Fun.

Playing in our new Sensory Garden is Fun!

Painting with Water is Fun!

Making a Fairy Garden is Fun!

Peach Picking is Fun!

Playing on the new Patio after breakfast is Fun!

Art Projects are Fun!

Playing at the Cousins' House is Fun!

Fourth of July Parades are Fun!
(But having to take the requisite picture is not fun. Or easy)

 (Yup. Those were the best that we got.)

But watching the parade is Fun!

(Baby Signing for "More" Parade is Fun and Cute.)

Playing at Mom Mom and Pop's House with the Uncles' Vintage Toys is Fun!

Trying to keep up with the Big Boys on the Spider Web is Hard.

Catching up on Lost Time with your Brother is Fun!

Playing Doctor is Fun!

Playing Dress-Up is Fun!
(Evan does not prefer to dress up.)

MORE Inside Art Projects are Fun!
(This time, magic swirly color prints with shaving cream)

And if you might put the shaving cream in your mouth, yogurt is a good substitute for 
Swirly Color Fun!

But when you're 16 months old, there is, unfortunately, such a thing as
Too Much Fun.

Lesson Learned:
It's not over yet! And the weather forecast for this week looks hot and humid. Like it's supposed to be. Still time to soak it in before we slip, slide away, right into the school year....Oh, and Target? You can take your school supply section and shove it because some of us aren't quite ready to see your shiny safety scissors and perfectly pointy Crayolas, okay?

(Who am I kidding? I am such a sucker for brand new crayons.)
(And we both know I can't stay mad at you, Target. I forgive you.)

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