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Thursday, June 13, 2013

this is how we do it....again

The beauty of having more than one child is being able to relive some of the best milestones again and again. First smile? We've seen three: Evan's was on my first Mother's Day. Max's was almost exactly on my birthday. And Molly's was...um...it's written down in her (almost, but not quite, finished) baby book. (Third Kid Problems.) First word? I'll never forget them: backhoe, fish, and brother. Those first exciting steps...the pride that accompanies his first successful playground summit...the first time your child tells you a made-up joke that is actually funny...Once you've moved on to the next "thing," you almost forget how adorable a certain stage was...like baby-pointing or when babies practice "jumping" but never leave the floor... Having more than one child lets you experience these joys over and over again, and also helps to remind you of your older kids, who were babies just...was it yesterday? But at the same time, so many stages and milestones ago....

But, for there to be light, there must be darkness. With every milestone I am LOVING being able to relive through Molly...there are those that I'm so ready to be past, once and for all. Right now, it's the 5 am wake-up. This girl hasn't slept through the five o'clock hour in weeks, just like her brothers at this age. I'm trying to stay positive...at least she's sleeping until five, which is more than we could have said for Evan at this point...I just wish that when she woke up, she would snuggle in next to me and fall back to sleep. Sigh.

So, we're early to rise in this house. And then it's time to for breakfast. And when it's time to eat, it's time to relive another one of my favorite/not-favorite milestones. This one, while more adorable than 5 am wakings, is practically as exhausting. 

Holy mess-making.  We've been here before. In fact, after finding this...it would seem as though we've been exactly here before.

Folks, THIS is how we eat yogurt these days.

Sometimes it's fun to try to balance a blackberry on your sippy cup, too.

It's a good thing she's so cute, isn't it?

All done.
Time to paint!

Lesson Learned:
Someday, I'll make a meal, sit down with my family to eat it...and remain seated for the whole time, without needing to refill a milk cup, grab the ketchup, or reach the dropped fork from under, inexplicably, the couch across the room. When we've finished eating, the kids will help clean the dishes and I won't have to wipe yogurt out of anyone's ears.

And on that day, I'll miss this one.

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  1. fun to read this! We just tried yogurt for the first time yesterday and it was a total mess that required a bath. But Hope was SO DELIGHTED with it that that aspect won out over the mess. :)

    Oh, and one day our kids might also do the COOKING too!! :)