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Monday, May 20, 2013

make-your-own LEGO maze

 I'm a sucker for kids' activity/preschool blogs. I love them for their BIG ideas....the science projects, the arts and crafts, the kinds of activities that look like playing but incorporate so much learning and discovering....which, is...well, playing. The kind of activities that I'll set aside a morning for....make a special trip to the store for...talk up BIG to increase the anticipation for....the kind of activities that make me feel like I'm back in the classroom.

But my absolute favorites are the ideas that I read about during naptime and can pull together super fast while the kids have a snack. My newest treasure trove of ideas is this--> Kids' Activities Blog. My friend Clare introduced me to it and at the perfect time. This week has featured one LEGO activity after another and we are in Lego Heaven around here lately. In addition to the Ninjagos, Evan has been amassing his Lego City collection, his prize being the Police Station he got from Mom Mom and Pop for his birthday. As much fun as we have playing with his sets, though, nothing makes my Nerdy Mommy Heart sing like Lego Brick free play. Evan is quite a vehicle builder and Max makes the most creative "machines" that do everything from designing princess gowns to laser-beaming bad gargoyles off castle towers. And Molly. Oh, sweet 15-month old baby girl has been so surrounded by these tiny choking hazards for so long that they're no longer choking hazards. I mean, she's never out of my sight while she plays with her brothers [all three, playing together? Swoon.], but I can confidently be out of immediate reach. Her favorite thing is to take all of the Lego guys and swap their hats and hair. I kid you not. This girl has some serious fine motor skills.

Today's activity: The LEGO Maze

The Kids' Activities Blog has lots of ideas about using Legos to make mazes, so I'll direct you straight to <the source> for more info on that...but if you're like me and just want to pull out the bricks and the board and help the kids go at it, it's just that easy.

Child's play, really.

Once we finished our maze, Max's guy was off on his way through the labyrinth. He was on a quest to find the Sphinx's missing treasure. (He's pretty big into Ancient Egypt right now...it was kind of awkward when he started to describe mummification to the sweet little girl on the playground the other day.) Evan was in charge of setting booby traps. This lever here would make a wall move out of the way, but this brick here would make a trap door open. And watch out for that ramp--it leads right to the dungeon!

Luckily Max's guy made it through. And then, it was like an amusement park ride because everyone else wanted a turn.

The Lego guys waited patiently while Max adjusted their outfits and Evan reset the traps.

Molly just wanted to smash the maze and knock down the line of guys by this point, so while the brothers played, we had some fun with the iPhone camera, instead. 

Lesson Learned:
Go get out those Legos, mama! This was over an hour of total brother cooperation.

[And don't you just love those two Classic Kid Poses in this photo? I'm so happy for camera phones to capture these little moments that you think you'll remember...you hope you'll remember....but best just to capture it and print it out so you'll never forget.]

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