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Friday, May 24, 2013


We started this tadpole project along with some friends of ours and Evan's class. We had collected the tadpoles WITH our friends AT THE SAME TIME as our friends FROM THE SAME POND as our friends. And the tadpoles in Evan's class CAME FROM OUR VERY OWN TADPOLE HABITAT.

Yet, somehow, several WEEKS ago, both our friends' tadpoles AND the tadpoles in Evan's class had already started growing legs and turning into froglets. 


Still swimming. Legless.

I wasn't taking it personally.
[But I was. I mean, who can't raise tadpoles?]

But then....magically....or, maybe because of the last few warmer-than-average days we've had....
we have legs!


We have frogs!

Okay. Technically, some of these frogs came from Evan's class. 
It turned out the frogs we thought we "donated" to the class were just "on loan" to the class. I think Evan's teacher was more than happy to return them to their original home. 

I don't blame her.
She has, after all, had a lot going on in her classroom. In addition to the 19 6-year olds in her care daily, she also hatched chicks from eggs and had a butterfly chrysalis habitat. It's life-cycle madness in Kindergarten in May. 

Anyway, as far as amphibians go, these froggies are pretty cute.

They're about the size of your pinky fingernail.

And Molly wants to hold them.
And kiss them.
And swim with them.

Evan wants to catch them and release them on repeat.

Max wants absolutely nothing to do with them.

Lesson Learned:
We did it! Yay for biology! Now for a field trip to the creek to return this little buddies to their natural environment....

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