"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." ~e e cummings

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

make-your-own sound matching game

We have some big time emotional issues going on right now....issues with the school bus, separation anxiety, school anxiety, nightmares, and Meltdowns of Unusual Size. And then there's a not-so-tiny girl who's trying to wean herself and a mama who's not-so-ready to say goodbye to that stage of motherhood. So, except for Sam, who seems to be relatively at ease at the moment, we've had some Moments these past few weeks. And the larger issues that are at the root of these Moments? I can't fix them. Not easily, and not as quickly as I'd like to. They're the sort of issues that need time and patience and reflection and understanding and acceptance. And that requires a good night (or two) of sleep. Which isn't happening (see: nightmares).

And so I'd like to imagine, for a moment, that we've got everything figured out. Just for a moment. Because that's what we did this afternoon. I stopped trying to solve and fix and heal and we just hung out. And ate snacks. And laughed at our silly baby.

Oh, and we made this game. And it's a fun one. And, if you made the Word Family Game, you already have everything you need. Literally--you can even use the same eggs.

This one is a direct rip from my friend Clare. I met her in our new neighborhood. You can meet her Here. She and her two sweet girls were at our house for a playdate this morning and witnessed a Moment or two of our week. She told me about this game as we followed, directed, answered, re-directed, assisted, chased, fed, cleaned-up after, soothed, and, again, re-directed, our kids throughout their play (and Max's meltdowns).  Because I could hardly connect two coherent thoughts, though (see: nightmares and attempting to solve unsolvable problems), she smartly emailed me once she got home to remind me. She even attached some print-outs to make it easier for me to recreate the game, but I wasn't near a computer, so I improvised. But here it is.....

Clare's Easter Egg Sound Matching Game!

So gather up 12 plastic eggs (or reuse your Word Family eggs). Then scour your house for six different found items that make different...or similar, if you want to be tricky...sounds. We found paper clips, pennies, pasta noodles, lentils, pompoms, and giant googly eyes.

Put one of each item (I used two pennies, though, so they would jangle together) into each egg. Put all of your eggs into one basket. (Trust me. It'll be okay.) Then, start Phase One of the game....SOUND MATCHING!

Try to find matching sound pairs of eggs...
It helps to Be. Very. Quiet. And to listen veeeeerrrrrrrrryy closely.

Once you've found matching sounds, try to identify what it is that you hear. 
Hint: The pompoms are super easy to find. 

For this, Clare printed out pictures of her found items onto cards to match the eggs to. 
I couldn't get to the printer...
because THIS was happening while we were game-making:

 ....so instead, I just grabbed an extra of each of our found items and hot-glued them to the top of the egg carton.

Once you've matched and placed all of your eggs...open them up and see how you did!

 Lesson Learned:

Deep Breath. The kids will be fine. In the meantime, play. And make it a Quiet...Listen Closely game. And breathe.

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