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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

make-your-own word family game

Every month, Disney's Family Fun magazine shows up at my house. I'm not sure that I ever signed up for it, but, nevertheless, it appears. And every month, I flip through it and skim the articles promising to remember some of the craft ideas for a rainy day and rolling my eyes at the helpful "tips" that seem to be present in every parenting magazine (you know the kind of brilliant advice I mean: "To get your child to eat healthier, involve him in the process of shopping for and preparing the vegetables!" Please.).

While thumbing through the latest issue, however, I was reminded of an activity I had made for my kindergarteners when I was a teacher but had completely forgotten about...Easter Egg Word Families!

So pick up a dozen plastic eggs and an egg carton. (I purposely bought the Eggland's Best Organic eggs last week for it's clear carton. You don't have to be so Type-A.)

On the taller side of each egg, write a word-family ending. I used the following: -at, -an, -en, -et, -in, -ing, -op, -ock, -un, and -ump. Then,  on the shorter side, write beginning consonants or blends that, together with the word family ending, make words.

To play, have your child read the first word, then twist the egg to make a new, rhyming word.

To complete our dozen, and to add a little variety, I also made two number-word eggs (1-7, 8-15). Play similarly, matching up the correct number with it's number word.

Max loves this game. It's just challenging enough to be fun without being frustrating.

Evan plays, what he calls "The Challenge Round." He mixes up "wrong" egg-halves, making nonsense words like "spump" and "thock." It's, apparently, really funny if you're a kindergartner.

Molly just likes to do this:

Doesn't she do a great "What?!" face? She's going to be a fun tween.

Lesson Learned:
So go make a quick and easy reading/egg-breaking game for your kiddos! Best part? You can't walk into any store right now without finding an Easter Egg display staring you right in the face...so no excuses.


  1. I LOVE this! Perfect for my early reader. Thank you!

  2. I can't believe I never thought of anything like this. This is a wonderful idea! I have tons of plastic Easter eggs around my house too, so I think I will definitely start making up some word family eggs. I appreciate you posting this, and am definitely sharing it on my facebook page. Thanks!

  3. I know, right? It's the most obvious ideas that escape us! Glad you found it and will find it useful! And thanks for sharing. :)