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Thursday, January 10, 2013

make-it-yourself Lego Table

This is the time of year that I (we?) rearrange. We all do this, I think, because we're looking around at our house that, just a few weeks ago was Just Right and then the holidays happened and now ohmygod -there-is-too-much-stuff. It's why Target features their Organization Aisle in January....bookcases, shelving units, bins, trays, labels and Sharpies....I could live in that aisle. 

So, anyway. I moved the play kitchen out of the playroom and into the kitchen. Molly needed something to keep her anchored to the kitchen while I'm busy in there. She's climbing stairs now...

...her favorite thing to do is to climb half-way up, turn around, wave and laugh at me, and scramble to the top as I race across the room to stand behind her. She's a feisty little Dragon. 

We packed up some toys for donation, moved some things around, and found new homes for new presents.  

But what was driving me absolutely nuts this post-holiday season, were the Legos. My God, the Legos. We had a pretty good collection before Christmas, but this year, Evan is obsessed with Ninjago and Santa found a Disney Princess Duplo set that had Max's name all over it. The boys are really good about keeping their tiny things off the floor (the crawling baby finds everything, of course) but that just means that there are Legos all over the tables, the counters, the couches....Legos Everywhere.

I had seen some DIY Lego Tables on Pinterest and I knew that was the direction we needed to go. I wanted a Lego "station," where all the pieces, sets, instruction booklets, etc., could be stored, but that would also double as a play space. The Pinterest tables use the $10 Ikea end table with Lego bases glued to the top. Cheap and easy, but it didn't solve my storage problem. 

This cabinet was bought by us as newlyweds to hold all of the platters, vases, serving bowls, and other pretty kitchen things we received as wedding gifts. When the kids arrived, it remained in the kitchen, but gained a child safety lock, and became an art cabinet that held all of the crayons, paints, play-doh tubs, and crafty bits and pieces needed to satisfy my artist. Most recently, it lived in our basement as a random-toy storage. 

Until today.

I hot-glued a couple of Lego bases to the top and filled it up with all of the Legos that Evan would allow me to take out of his room. (His most special Ninjagos live on his Special Things shelves and in the mini-figure "briefcase" he got from Mom Mom and Pop.)

The child safety locks stayed. Much to this little girl's dismay.

Although they're apparently necessary. I have no idea where she got those two spatulas she's holding. At least I thought enough to put the glue gun away.

FYI, Duplos fit on Lego bases.

I snapped a picture and turned around. She was at the easel "drawing" with capped markers. She was doing such a great job, I uncapped one and handed it to her. She stuck it immediately in her mouth.

Lesson Learned:
So take an old cabinet, fill it with Legos, and glue some Lego bases on the top. Or, go to Ikea, invest ten bucks in a table, and make a Lego station. And watch the baby. Seriously. She is On. The. Move.

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