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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

make-your-own mobile

Yes, she's eight (and a half) months old. Yes, we've been settled in our new house, and she in her new room, for more than four months. And yes, I just today hung Molly's new mobile in her room.

At least I hung it over a crib and it didn't take me until she moved to her Big Girl bed.

And here it is!

I started by using a circle punch (it's about a one-inch diameter circle) to cut circles of scrapbook paper that coordinated with Molly's bedding. (Her bedding is from Dwell Studio and I'm in absolute love with it. I'll have to find a way to recycle it once she leaves her crib.) 

Using a hot glue gun, I attached the circles to both sides of lengths of ribbon. (So the ribbon is sandwiched between two circles of paper.) Each ribbon has differing patterns of circles, with more or fewer circles on each ribbon, for variety and movement.

Then, again with the hot glue gun, I attached the ribbons to embroidery hoops that I had secured together with my....hot glue gun. I also tied ribbons around where the hoops crossed for added security. 

I covered the hoops with more ribbon, this one patterned, and again...with the glue gun. Then, I added ribbon ties on each side and end to hang it up.

I think it completes the room just perfectly.

And I think it's time we lower that crib mattress to the lowest setting. Look at my big girl!

Lesson Learned:
It's amazing what I can do with a hot glue gun and A YEAR.

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