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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Glow Box Witchy Brew

Here's a little Halloween sneak peek for you...

That's Ninja Evan on the right. And on the left? Why that's my little Witch, Maxwell. He's a good witch, most of the time. But sometimes, when he's feeling particularly wicked, he'll mix up a batch of brew in his Target dollar-section Cauldron. He'll cackle a witchy laugh and fly around on his witchy broom daring you to try his Witchy Brew. It's ingredients change on a daily basis, but have included frogs' legs, toads' spots, rattlesnake eyes, broccoli, mucky dirt, slimy peaches, mouse tails, and lollipops.

Today, however, the brew-making got a little more Magical. A little more real.....

It started as another way to use our Glow Box (see the original post here). We have had great success with Mixing Colors in the past, I thought the effect of the light table would just increase the fun. That it did...

And then Max saw an opportunity. "Tee Hee Hee!" he cackled, (not unlike a leprechaun, but don't tell him that). "Would you like a taste of my Brew, Witch Mommy?" And so it began. And we spent the next half an hour playing Witches while Molly slept.

And then Evan came home from school and we did the whole thing all over again.

Lesson Learned:
This really was a very cool and beautiful activity. I'll just be happy when EVERY activity we do and EVERY game we play doesn't involve witches and ninjas.

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