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Monday, September 17, 2012

pest control

When it comes to household pests, I'm usually pretty brave. Like, the other day, we were coming in from the bus stop and I noticed a freakishly large and scary wolf spider at the bottom of our garage steps. I bravely asked Evan to kill it for me, while I bravely shrieked and screamed in the driveway. 

Molly found it hilarious.

Evan was brave and ninja-like as he Hii-Yaa'ed it with a shoe.

Max, grumpy from having been woken up from his nap, just frowned and said we were all being too loud.

Up until a few years ago, before Evan was big and brave enough to rescue me, when there was a spider in the house, I'd have to use the hose attachment on the vacuum. Or call in a neighbor. And it isn't just spiders that bother me. Fruit flies and ants have been particularly pesky recently. One day, while Sam was vacuuming the fruit flies (yup. Vacuuming the fruit flies.) Evan suggested that we ask that Bug Guy from our old neighborhood (aka: Brian, from Dodson Pest Control) to come "help us out." Perhaps, Evan, perhaps.

The truth is, I'm just not very good at confrontation. I prefer to have the pests eliminated without me having to catch, smoosh, shoe, vacuum, or direct my five-year old into a Pest Killer. And, as much as I hate those stupid bugs, the thought of lining my house with chemicals is almost even less appealing. 

So, what to do?

Enter, Pinterest!

I found this fruit fly trap idea online and adjusted it based on my sister's experience/recommendation.

Take a small dish or cup (I used a disposable cup so I could just throw the whole thing away when we were finished with it). Pour a small amount of apple cider vinegar in it and add a chunk of fruit (strawberry tops and banana peels work great). Cover with cling wrap. Poke 7-8 little holes in the top.

After a day, I have several dozen fruit flies in there and my compost container is no longer crawling.


Over the summer, I noticed three tiny ants under my kitchen table, one on each of three consecutive days. Although not as scary as spiders, ants worry me because there are just so damn many of them. I knew I needed to control the ant situation Today. So, I googled and pinterest-searched and learned that ants hate cinnamon.


So I sprinkled some cinnamon outside the door that leads directly into our dining area, where I had seen the ants. I made sure to really cover the corners and seams of the door jamb. Would you believe that I have not seen A SINGLE ANT in my house since then?!


Lesson Learned:
Anybody know of a fool-proof, chemical-free spider repellant? Something that I could just carry around with me, maybe, so I'll never have to see one again for the rest of my life? Let me know. Or just Pin it. I'll find it.

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  1. I will TOTALLY go do the fruit fly thing. That has been a major problem for us recently (maybe because I'm lazy about taking out the compost? :)