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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Molly Eats!

But, before she did....she sat up all by herself!

On Monday morning, Molly decided that it was much more interesting to look at the doggie from up above rather than nose-to-nose. More interesting and less scary, perhaps. She'd been close for about a week, but on Monday morning, something clicked and she Just Sat. 

And so, because she's sitting up unassisted and because she's over six months old and because, well, why not? We began Baby-Led Weaning: Part Deux. Like a textbook case, Molls dove right in, hands only at first....

(Okay, and sorry for the photo overload here, BLW is just too cute not to over-photograph...)

It didn't take long, though, for that banana to reach her mouth...

 When a little bit broke off into her mouth, I didn't worry about her choking on it (the benefit of being a BLW veteran...I was a nervous wreck watching Max take his first foods to his mouth. I learned quickly that babies CAN handle food introduction in this manner and that choking is extremely rare...but I only needed to learn the lesson once....this time was pure enjoyment). And, as I knew she would because it is What Babies Do, she moved it around her mouth for a bit, making some priceless faces in the process, before spitting it out.

 And then, she went right back in for more.

Molly's first BLW experience only lasted about 5-7 minutes. After that, she was done. We attributed it to the fact that this was her first go at it and also to the fact that she was sitting more or less alone at the table while the boys were off on their own and Sam and I tag-teamed watching her/cleaning the kitchen.

So, for Bananas Take Two, we waited until dinner time, when we were all seated together modeling eating for her.

She stayed happily in her seat, eating, playing, talking, for the entire meal. 
What a good girl.

(As an after-thought, we gave Molly a sweet potato fry tonight along with her banana. I had cooked them "naked" and they're such a great first food for BLW so we went for it even though we hadn't waited the recommended three days between foods. We're just wild and crazy like that.)

Lesson Learned:
I'm likin' this new dinner party....

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