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Monday, September 10, 2012

map making

We unrolled the butcher paper today, as we have done before. I drew a Matchbox Car Roadmap, as I have done before. For the first time, though, because Evan was at school, it was Max who was in charge of deciding what landmarks to include and where to place them.  He knew how lucky he was.

So he named a place ("The library!" "Caiden and Mia's house!" "Mom Mom and Pop!" "The fire station!") and pointed to where he wanted me to draw it. I drew. He colored. We made a good team.

(But when he said, "Draw the lake from Uncle Matt's wedding...Montana lake!" I might have "encouraged" him to color somewhere else on the map while I had a little fun with the fat Crayolas.)

But he had plenty of space, too.

It stayed out all day. He walked away from it from time to time to play other things (and it was beautiful today, so we couldn't possibly stay inside all day) but he kept coming back to it, to add more color here or there or to say, "Mommy! We forgot a playground!"

And then Evan came home.

And for the first time...ever?...he went right over to an art project invitation and joined right in. But instead of drawing or coloring....HE WROTE. Just over two weeks in kindergarten and he is a Writer.

Until we had our fullest, most beautiful Matchbox Car Roadmap EVER.

And we never even got around to getting out the cars.

Lesson Learned:
It's in moments like these where I see elements of my teacher training courses in Real Life. It's like in "spiral education," where the same theme is presented, in increasing depth to children, over several years.  Every time we do this project, or something similar, it changes as the boys' interests and abilities change. The focus changes, which changes not only the course of play but the outcome of the project. And, this is a perfect example of "scaffolding," where the same project can be used for multiple ages or ability levels of kids...each working on a different part of the project. I love when we can create something Together. Happily.

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