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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

make-it-yourself stained glass

Here's another one we've done before....

Roll out the contact paper and gather some fall-colored tissue paper...

...to make a super-easy stained-glass window/suncatcher.

For this, our fall version, we added some silk leaves I had left over from another project and some bat/halloween stickers. (Don't forget to put the stickers upside down so the front side shows through the contact paper once you stick it to the window.) (And, yes, I stuck the contact paper directly to the window. I didn't know how well the stickers would peel off the glass, though, so I stuck tissue paper to the back of each.)

Lesson Learned:
Fall is so close I can almost taste it. Actually, maybe that's the pumpkin muffin I just ate. I'm so happy to be spending my first fall in ten years in the most beautiful City in Fall in the entire world. I'm a lucky girl....

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