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Sunday, August 19, 2012

what's that you say? (part 2)

For the past few weeks, Max has been singing a song...several times a day and complemented by some very fancy dancin'. And while it cracks Evan up to the point of nearly peeing in his pants each and every time, we had (until a few days ago) No Idea what he was singing.

It sounded like:
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm the Greatest feeling that! and other kinds of fancy stuff!

And every time I asked him to "Say it again, slower this time," he just sang it again louder. And LOUDER. With fancier, twirlier, and stompier dancing.

After a week or so of pure bewilderment, we watched a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse featuring Goofy the Great. He was a magician.

"Max!" I said, starting to get it. "Is your song about a magician? Max the Great?"
"Yup," he said, "and other kinds of FANCY STUFF!" he finished in sing-song.

When he sang it again, it became a bit more clear:
"I'm the Great! and feeling that! and other kinds of FANCY STUFF!!"

A few nights later, while eating popsicles on the front porch, he started singing again.
"I'm the Great! and feeling that! and other kinds of FANCY STUUUUUFFFFFFFF!!"

I needed to crack it.
"Okay, Max, you're the Great."
"And feeling that?"
"No, no, no. Feeling WAX."
"Feeling wax?"
"Feeling WAX?"
"Yes. I'm the Great! and feeling wax! and other kinds of fancy STUUUUUUUFFF!"

More confused than ever, I just let him sing. As his voice faded into the background, and Evan doubled over in laughter, and Molly and I played, the words played over and over in my mind. They became more familiar and I couldn't tell if it was because I'd been listening to this same refrain for weeks or if I was about to place it....

....feeling wax....other kinds of fancy stuff....fancy stuff.....and other fancy stuff...!!!

...SSSSSSealing wax and other fancy stuff!!

He came running.

I started singing:

"Little Jackie Paper
loved that rascal, Puff
and brought him strings
and sealing wax
and other fancy stuff!"

Max just smiled.
"It's a good song," he said.
And as he danced away down the porch, he started again....
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm the Great! and feeling wax! and other kinds of fancy stuff!!"

Lesson Learned:
It's been a couple of days since I figured out what he was singing. Tonight I sang to him as I laid with him at bedtime. He let me choose the song tonight (which was nice because, lately, he's been asking me to sing the ABCs "in Spanish and then in English"), and so I chose Puff. And when I got to the part about Jackie Paper, he put his hand on my cheek, locked eyes with mine, and said, "Hey! I know that song! It's a nice song."

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